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That Paul McCartney song from Destiny now has a video that you don’t want to watch

You know how sometimes you get embarrassed and can’t quite explain something about your favourite hobby? This is one of those times.

Paul Mccartney headlines

  • Paul McCartney's Destiny song is a bit of a stinker

    There’s a lot of things I really like about Destiny, but Paul McCartney’s theme song isn’t one of them.

  • Paul McCartney's Destiny theme song to be released as a single

    Paul McCartney has decided to release the theme song he composed for Destiny as a single.

  • Paul McCartney composing music with Bungie

    Paul McCartney is composing music with Bungie, the musical legend has confirmed via Twitter. “I’m really excited to be working on writing music with @bungie, the studio that made Halo,” he tweeted. McCartney said back in January he was “working on music for a computer game.” Looks like we’ll be able to hear his compositions […]

  • Paul McCartney composing music for unannounced game

    Paul McCartney is writing music for an unannounced video game, according to an interview with German music publication Zeit Online, stating it will be the first time “young people” hear his music in game – barring his work with the Beatles and Wings in the Rock Band franchise.

  • McCartney initially thought Harmonix demo looked like a "really bad band"

    The Beatles: Rock Band may now be a top review-grabbing, sure-to-be-successful super-game, but Paul McCartney’s initial thoughts on Harmonix’s pitch weren’t exactly complimentary. From this Guardian piece: There were “a couple of grown-ups standing looking very foolish with these little plastic guitars playing to a screen”, he says. “And we’re going, ‘Yeah, all right… It […]

  • McCartney's Höfner bass guitar included in premium Beatles: Rock Band

    A peripheral replica of Paul McCartney’s Höfner bass guitar will be included in The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle. It’s wireless and works with all versions of Rock Band. Don’t worry right-handers. It’s not lefty like the real deal. Game lands September 9. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • McCartney shows first Beatles: Rock Band footage at Coachella

    The first, very shonky footage of Beatles: The Rock Band hit YouTube last night, courtesy of a live showing of video from the game at a Coachella Paul McCartney gig. This could be the game that finally tips us over the Rock Band edge. Why would you not want to play this? The press scrum […]