Patrice Chazerand

PEGI boss in “work for the good of the people” shock

PEGI boss madman Patrice Chazerand has come to the ridiculous conclusion that people should stop thinking about competition between the BBFC and PEGI and focus on how the two ratings bodies can work together for the good of the British people. “I don’t know if I’m being too visionary, but I think we should stop […]

12 years ago

Patrice Chazerand headlines

  • PEGI people warn over planned changes to UK classification

    The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) isn’t happy over reported plans to change UK games classifications, saying that bringing in a cinema-style system to handle regulation would be a “step backwards”. “I would resent the idea of equating games to movies,” said ISFE director general Patrice Chazerand. “It’s a step backwards. If we are […]

    12 years ago