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Xbox One supports up to eight people in Party Chat at launch

Xbox One, like PlayStation 4, will support up to eight players for Party Chat at launch, in case you were worried it would be different than what Xbox 360 is capable of at present. When asked by Game Informer, a Microsoft representative stated the following: “At launch, up to eight people will be able to […]

6 years ago

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  • EA issues work around for freezing in Syndicate co-op until it's fixed

    Syndicate players have reported game freezes on Xbox 360 during co-op matches, and a quick fix has been issueed while EA, which is aware of the problem, works on the cause.

    8 years ago
  • 360 party chat blocked in Modern Warfare 2

    Oh, hello? Whats this? Oh look, party chat for the 360 is blocked while playing Modern Warfare 2. According to TSA (via GAF), the feature can not be used while playing the multiplayer for the game. It is down to avoiding cheating in the game, which means that if you want to speak with your […]

    10 years ago