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  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Runes of Magic gets elves, FFXI adjustments, no Anarchy Online 2 just yet

    Not loads to tell you this week in the MMO update.  Most news surrounding the genre was big enough for its very own post on the site. However, to keep things the same, we have thrown all the rest into your usual Saturday post. Final Fantasy XI players will have jobs adjusted, Runes of Magic […]

  • NCsoft officially announces Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes

    The Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes was (sort of) announced earlier today through SteetWide Concepts, and now NCsoft has seen fit to make it official. This will be the first major expansion for the City of Heroes franchise since City of Villains was launched in 2005, and promises to “blur the line between […]

  • NCsoft's California offices named Paragon Stuios

    NCsoft has unveiled Paragon Studios, based out of Mountain View, CA. Formerly known as NCsoft NorCal, the satellite office will continue to work on City of Heroes and other MMOs. “The renaming of our studio to Paragon Studios represents our devotion to the present and future of the City of Heroes series,” said GM and […]

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