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  • Majesty 2 expansion Battles of Ardania gets a date

    Paradox Interactive has announced a date for Ino-co’s fantasy RTS expansion Majesty 2.

  • Mount & Blade is Steam's weekend deal at 85% off

    Those who have not tried out Mount & Blade should head on over to Steam, as the game is 85 percent off this weekend.

  • Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter announced

    Paradox has announced that Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter will be released sometime in 2011.

  • East India Company 60% off on Steam, expansion pack released

    Paradox Interactive has released Privateer, the downloadable expansion pack for East India Company, and to celebrate, Steam has the original game up for 60 percent off the normal price. Sale ends on November 2, but until then it will cost you $11.99 instead of $29.99 and includes the Director’s Cut update for free. The new […]

  • Indie and other games of interest: Gray Matter, Great Battles, free stuff

    This week in indie and other games of interest, we have an update on Gray Matter, some free-to-play titles, and a couple demos for you to try out. Also of note: Iceberg Interactive’s announced the release of the bundle British Horror Pack consisting of Dark Fall: The Journal Classic Edition, Dark Fall: Lights Out The […]

  • Majesty 2 demo now available

    A demo for Majesty 2, the game where players build up and defend a fantasy kingdom, is up over on BigDowload. We’re sure it’s at other sites too. Game’s out on September 18, and through the link you can see the system requirements and a video.

  • Heir to the Throne expansion announced for Europa Universalis III

    Paradox Interactive has announced a new expansion for Europa Universalis III called Heir to the Throne. Expected for a December release, here is what you can expect from it: Casus Belli system, where wars have specific goals from start to finish Monarchs now belong to dynasties, with far reaching effects on the diplomatic model More […]

  • Mount & Blade accepting applications for Warband expansion Beta

    TaleWorlds has announced that it is taking applications for Beta testers for the Mount & Blade: Warband multiplayer expansion pack. Those who have purchased the game and still have their serial number lying around, will have preference over those that did not purchase the game, and if you are located close to the multiplayer servers, […]

  • Paradox Interactive celebrates 10 year anniversary with 50% sale

    Paradox Interactive is ten years old today and to celebrate it’s selling some of its back catalogue at a 50 per cent discount. There’s Elven Legacy (pictured above), Mount & Blade, and Europa Universalis 3 all ready to be downloaded on the cheap from GamersGate, Steam, Direct2Drive and Impulse. What are you waiting for? Full […]

  • Paradox releases video of Mount and Blade expansion

    Paradox Interactive has released a video for the Warband expansion to Taleworld’s popular indie game Mount & Blade. It’s posted after the break. The expansion adds multiplayer, and will support up to 32 players and eventually handle 64 once mods are created. A complete graphics overhaul will be included, better AI with a greater sense […]

  • GamersGate offerings surpass 1,000 titles

    GamersGate has announced that over 1,000 different titles appear in its online distribution library, including Braid. “Braid not only challenges traditional game design, it challenges the very fabric of the industry by achieving critical success as a download only title,” said GamersGate CEO Theodore Bergquist. “Our goal is to enable market access for small development […]

  • Paradox confirms Majesty 2 for 360

    In an interview with SI, Paradox Interactive vice president Frederik Wester has confirmed that Majesty 2 – The Fantasty Kingdom sim will be coming to Xbox 360 and at least one handheld. “Yes, we are currently developing the game on consoles,” said Wester. “This is a new experience to us so we can’t go into […]

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