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Confirmed: THQ shuts fives studios, makes lay-offs at two more

Gamespot’s running a confirmation that THQ has closed five of its studios, as was rumoured last night. Paradigm Entertainment, Mass Media, Helixe, Locomotive Games, and Sandblast Games were defunct as of yesterday, while Rainbow Studios and Juice Games have suffered redundancies, a THQ rep admitted. “It’s just constantly trying to react dynamically to the market,” […]

11 years ago

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  • THQ to shut between four and five publishing studios, Paradigm confirmed dissolved

    Following a Kotaku rumour that THQ is to shut between four to five of its studios – including Stuntman: Ignition developer Paradigm Entertainment and UK dev team Juice Games – Shacknews is reporting via sources that Paradigm Entertainment has indeed been dissolved. This Develop story claims that Warrington-based Juice has cut around a third of […]

    11 years ago