Painkiller Black Edition

FPS Warriors 2 bundle for Steam contains Zeno Clash, Hard Reset, Painkiller Overdose, more

A rather nicely priced bundle featuring Nuclear Dawn, Hard Reset Extended Edition, Painkiller Overdose, and others is now available for Steam at a super-low price.

7 years ago

Painkiller Black Edition headlines

  • Get two free games with Painkiller: Resurrection preorder on Steam

    A preorder option has been added to JoWood’s Painkiller: Resurrection page on Steam.If you reserve the game, you will get 10 percent off the $29.99 price, along with Painkiller Black Edition and Painkiller Overdose. Both of those titles are available for immediate download upon preorder, and Resurrection is out in late October.More through Steam.

    11 years ago