Pulled OXM reveal from February to happen next issue

OXM UK editor Jon Hicks has confirmed that a previously-planned reveal for the magazine that was pushed back in February is now back on for the mag’s next issue at the end of September. Hicks said on Twitter: “That secret reboot that we pulled at the last minute in February is back on. It’s in […]

Oxm headlines

  • Future's "CVG Network" claims 2.3 million UU from Google stats

    Future’s put out a press release today claiming CVG, OXM and ONM has a combined monthly readership of 2.3 million unique users, but has refused to split out any stats. Or make much sense in general, if we’re being honest.

  • Epic to reveal new title soon, says OXM UK

    Gears of War 3 may probably be the biggest reveal Epic’s doing this month – accidental or not – but it looks like it may not be the only one.

  • OXM gives Mass Effect 2 9.5/10

    OXM’s published the first Mass Effect 2 review, giving the BioWare RPG a not unexpected super-score.

  • First Assassin's Creed II review hits the stands, is a 9/10

    OXM may not have a fancy-pants past-rewriting animus at its disposal, but the magazine’s still making some history of its own with the world’s first ever Assassin’s Creed II review. So, how’d Ezio and co. stand up under OXM’s unfaltering scrutiny? Pretty well, as it turns out. The numbers nine and ten were apparently mentioned […]

  • Rumour - OXM hint at 360 price-cut, new Walmart ad shows $299

    And the price-cut rumours just keep on rolling. It seems all but confirmed that the Xbox 360 will get a price-cut, but by how much? A guess would be £199/$299 for the Elite. In fact, the newest ad from Walmart has the Elite down for $299. The new price will take effect from Wednesday September […]

  • Mass Effect 2 OXM feature scanned, put on internet

    Some enterprising soul’s put OXM’s entire Mass Effect 2 cover feature on the internet. You can download a zip full of the scans here. All nice quality. Watch E3 for plenty more from the BioWare massive.

  • Mass Effect 2 OXM subs to hit late May

    BioWare just confirmed via Twitter that an OXM Mass Effect 2 issue will hit subs in late May and go on general sale in early June. There’s no clue there as to what’s actually included in the mag, but you’d hope it was on the cover. Being as it’s Mass Effect 2, and all. E3? […]

  • GDC: Microsoft to show "very cool stuff" today

    OXM tweeted last night that, “Microsoft has some very cool stuff to show you tomorrow.” If it does, we don’t know what it is. We’re nothing if not honest. As soon as the very cool stuff appears, we’ll be sure to let you know.

  • OXM to include NXE upgrade disc in next issue

    OXM will include the New Xbox Experience dashboard update in it’s next issue. Now, those without internet access with be able to obtain the new UI with the included disc. You will need this eventually: soon it’ll be a non-negotiable update to play new games. The bright side to being forced into the 21st Century […]

  • OXM has the goods on new Fallout 3 DLC, The Pitt

    The latest OXM UK has the first details on the second DLC expansion for Fallout 3, titled The Pitt, which is scheduled to arrive in March. Set in Pittsburgh’s steel-making district, OXM describes the industrial area as a “stunning dystopia that’s unlike any other area in Fallout 3’s world,” complete with a large dungeon, abandoned […]

  • Don Mattrick: I invented Avatars

    In an interview with OXM, Xbox boss Don Mattrick has claimed that he personally invented the concept of Avatars. In 1991. The section from the chat in full: DM: I’m claiming to have invented avatars! I did 4D Sports Boxing! Do you know what 4D Boxing was? Hey, you should be writing this! That was […]

  • UK OXM Gears of War 2 review scanned in entirety

    An N4G poster’s hoicked up OXM UK’s entire Gears of War 2 review. Get it here: you need to click on the “story images” tab at the top as the originals have been removed. The game was given 9/10 by the magazine, which sums up thus: “Our only suggestion is that Epic Games takes some […]

  • OXM gives Gears of War 2 9/10

    Blimey. You should never assume, clearly. The UK OXM’s given Gears of War 2 9/10, a score likely to raise some eyebrows. The review’s out in today’s edition, so off you go and have a look. Or you could just wait until someone inevitably scans it, obviously. More through the link.

  • OXM gives Far Cry 2 9/10, calling it "this year's equivalent of Assassin's Creed"

    OXM’s next issue will contain the mag’s Far Cry 2 review, and it’s a nine. “Far Cry 2 is this year’s equivalent of Assassin’s Creed… when it comes to enveloping the player in exotic sights and sounds, Ubisoft has absolutely nailed it,” says the piece. “What separates Far Cry 2 from other shooters of this […]

  • OXM Saints Row 2 review scanned and posted

    Someone’s posted the full, 8/10 Saints Row 2 review from this month’s OXM, as you can see on the game’s official forum. You may have to enter your age then hit the link again to see the pages, but they are there. The game’s out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 17. Thanks, […]

  • Months old Tales of Vesperia demo "exclusive to OXM"

    Not quite sure what’s going on here, but OXM’s claimed that it’s got the “exclusive” on the Tales of Vesperia demo for its October issue out September 4. We’re assuming this is the same demo released in Asia in June and the rest of the 360-playing world in July, but we may be wrong. We’ll […]

  • Xbox Live's least played games revealed

    OXM has compiled a list outing the least played games on Live. The list below is a measurement of activity by game in the space of about 30 minutes or so. Smackdown vs. Raw 14 players in 30 minutes. FIFA 06: Road to World Cup One player in 30 minutes F.E.A.R. Eight players in 20 […]

  • Entire CoD: World at War OXM article scanned

    What do editors think when they see this stuff? The entire Call of Duty: World at War cover article from this month’s UK OXM is available here. For the record, the game’s on the cover of gamesTM, OXM and Play in the UK this month. PCZone’s carrying it as well, but the mag’s not doing […]

  • Full OXM GTA IV review - scans and score

    A community member over at GTAForums.com has got hold of a copy of the last OXM and has scanned the full GTA IV review for your spoiler pleasure. You can get the images in one handy place here. This is the very first “official” review. No prizes for guessing the score, by the way. By […]