Tim Clark to head up Future’s Games portfolio content

Future Publishing’s announced that ex-Official PlayStation Magazine editor-in-chief Tim Clark is to become the company’s new EiC of its gaming arm.

10 years ago

Opm headlines

  • GT5 community features detailed

    The latest issue of OPM has detailed some of the community features of Gran Turismo 5, such as “My Lounge”.

    11 years ago
  • OPM gives FFXIII 9/10 - whole thing scanned

    FinalFantasy-XIII.net’s posted the entire OPM review of its namesake. What’s that site going to do after March?

    11 years ago
  • OPM podcast goes live, talks about videogames

    The UK OPM’s put the first episode of its podcast live: and here it is.It’s “the team” talking about reviews from the latest issue, and so on. There’s quite a big chunk on Batman: Arkham Asylum, some rabbiting about baseball and some other stuff.Listen to it. It’s doubtful you have anything else to do.

    11 years ago
  • FFXIII - Edge and OPM playtests scanned

    FinalFantasy-XIII.net‘s posted up scans of Edge and OPM playtests of Final Fantasy XIII, the first in the world.The images are of excellent quality, and both features are extensive. Get to it. The demo’s out on April 16 in Japan.

    12 years ago
  • Official PlayStation Mag getting its very own site

    Official PlayStation Mag UK is finally getting its very own website.Rather obviously, the site plans on having everything PlayStation-related, including news and an online community, right alongside sister site GamesRadar.The site’s mainly just a place-holder at the moment, you can still head on over there and sign up for stuff, including celebratory giveaways.

    12 years ago
  • Celebrate Killzone 2 launch by playing online against OPM

    OPM’s announced a 24-hour online gaming marathon for tomorrow, all in celebration of Killzone 2’s launch.The mag’s entire team will be online for 24 hours starting 8.00am GMT this morning, playing a variety of games throughout the day.Get all the details and PSN IDs through the link.

    12 years ago
  • OPM gives Resident Evil 5 5/5, review scanned

    The US OPM’s given Resident Evil 5 top marks in its review, as you can see in these scans.The text’s a little small on those images, but not so much that you can’t see the glow. There are negatives, however.“If there’s any quibbling to be done about Resident Evil 5, it’s that much of the […]

    12 years ago
  • Mirror's Edge gets 9/10 in OPM

    The British Official PS3 Mag’s scored Mirror’s Edge as a 9/10, saying it’s good but hard.Like what we did.The entire thing’s been scanned and posted. Here, here, here and here.The Mirror’s Edge demo’s out today for PS3.

    12 years ago
  • OXM gives Far Cry 2 9/10, calling it "this year's equivalent of Assassin's Creed"

    OXM’s next issue will contain the mag’s Far Cry 2 review, and it’s a nine.“Far Cry 2 is this year’s equivalent of Assassin’s Creed… when it comes to enveloping the player in exotic sights and sounds, Ubisoft has absolutely nailed it,” says the piece.“What separates Far Cry 2 from other shooters of this ilk is […]

    12 years ago