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Official PlayStation Magazine UK launches website

Future’s opened the gates to the website of Official PlayStation Magazine UK at long last. The website’s been promised for a long, long time, but only now has it finally gone live. Watch editor Ben Wilson give a full, proper introduction to the website and the OPM team below the break.Big congrats chaps!

9 years ago

Opm Uk headlines

  • OPM UK teases open-world game with user-generated missions hitting PS3

    Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s editor-in-chief, Ben Wilson, has revealed through the mag’s latest podcast that a new user-generated PS3 game will hit later in the year.

    11 years ago
  • Stuart Black Codies shooter is OPM's "special game"

    OPM editor Tim Clark has told TSA the recent project announced by Codemasters Guildford from Black creator Stuart Black is the “special game” mentioned in the magazine’s most recent podcast.

    11 years ago
  • Future announces UK PSN mag, FirstPlay

    Future Publishing has announced FirstPlay, an interactive magazine for the PlayStation Network in a similar vein America’s Qore.

    11 years ago
  • God of War III gets 9 in world-first review in OPM UK

    OPM UK has given God of War III a nine in the game’s first ever review in its latest issue hitting subs now.

    11 years ago
  • Official PlayStation Mag getting its very own site

    Official PlayStation Mag UK is finally getting its very own website.Rather obviously, the site plans on having everything PlayStation-related, including news and an online community, right alongside sister site GamesRadar.The site’s mainly just a place-holder at the moment, you can still head on over there and sign up for stuff, including celebratory giveaways.

    12 years ago