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  • Rumour: Home v1.0 to enter closed beta on November 20

    Whoops. If this Tawkn post is to be believed, a poster on the Home beta forums has just dropped a ton of information on the next phase of the app’s roll-out, including a November 20 date for the introduction of the v1.0 client – the launch software, basically – to the beta servers. The post […]

  • WAR open beta is... open

    As announced on its official site, Warhammer Online’s open beta is now live. “This is a monumental step for the game and the community and it is with great pleasure that we welcome you all,” said the blurb. “WAR has come, it is now up to you to forge your destiny and choose your allegiance […]

  • Street Fighter Beta patch released

    Capcom has confirmed that the Street Fighter HD Remix Open Beta (SFHDROB, for short) patch is live and raring to go. Changes include the title no longer crashing when joining games – small fix, that – and masses of netcode optimisation. Full thing through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • Requiem: Bloodymare open beta sign-up starts today

    The Gaming Today chaps bring word that registration for Requiem: Bloodymare’s open beta is now live. You can start playing tomorrow, apparently, and can download the client from the site. It all looks very horrific and fighty, so if blood and pointy things float your boat you’ve found a new home. Check it out. If […]

  • Home open beta rumoured for March 24 launch in Japan

    According to this, rumours are afoot that the Home open beta is to begin in Japan on March 24. The date had previously been pinned as March 20. Obviously, there’s no official word from Sony on when the great unwashed are going to be allowed into the PS3 online “space”, but at least it’s starting […]

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