EVE Online: Odyssey launches today, two new trailers released

CCP has released a some more trailers for the launch of EVE Online: Odyssey. Here’s one posted over the weekend showing the expansion’s features. Watch the other two below.

8 years ago

Odyssey headlines

  • EVE Online: Odyssey trailer shows some of the expansion's features

    CCP has released a trailer for EVE Online: Odyssey, showing off some of the expansion’s features. Odyssey launches on Tuesday, June 4, and if you’re curious as to what all it entails – changes, additions, etc – you should head over to the main Odyssey page. CCP Games has disabled the embedding after we posted […]

    8 years ago
  • EVE Online Odyssey expansion to improve starbases

    CCP has been listening closely to the EVE Online community, and has a pile of starbase improvements planned for the Odyssey update during northern summer.

    8 years ago
  • EVE Online Odyssey expansion due in June

    CCP has announced and dated the 19th expansion for its nearly decade-old but only more interesting MMO EVE Online.

    8 years ago
  • Music games are now market's number 2, research shows

    A report from market research firm Odyssey has shown that music titles such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band have propelled the genre to second place in the industry, overtaking sports titles in the process.58 percent of those surveyed said they played Singstar et al. compared with only 50 percent who like their Madden and […]

    12 years ago