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  • NXE: How to make you Avatar burp, and other stuff

    X3F’s put together a list of commands to change New Xbox Experience’s Avatars’ expressions, make them burp, make them dizzy, and whatnot. It’s Monday morning, so we thought you may appreciate it. Maybe not, obviously. Take a look.

  • Avatar clothing to be free, maybe not in the spring

    The X3F story, quoting German site dreisechzig.net brings word that promised Avatar clothing for NXE will be free… for now. From the piece: Boris Schneider-Johne (Microsoft’s Xbox product manager in Germany) confirmed that the first few weeks of new Avatar clothes will be available for free, but doesn’t go as far to say that all […]

  • NXE causing sound loss for HDMI users

    The AVForums are currently awash with people complaining about a sudden loss of sound through HDMI after they installed the New Xbox Experience this week. If you’re one of these people then don’t worry: apparently all you have to do is turn off the 360, take out the HDD, turn in on again, and while […]

  • Sugababes see in NXE: pictures

    TombRadar’s posted some shots of the Sugababes singing in Lips and NXE in London last night, and it all looked very sparkly. Apparently the trio sang Duffy’s Mercy at the event. You had to be there, clearly. Take a look.

  • NXE: XNA community games region specific? [Updated]

    NXE’s XNA community games don’t appear to be available in all European regions. Reports on the Eurogamer forums suggest that both Denmark and Norway simply don’t have the Community Games menu option in the new dash. Which means we can’t play them either. Catastrophic. Perhaps it’s just Scandinavia that has been left out? We’re contacting […]

  • Nelson shows off premium NXE themes

    The Major’s posted up links to a bunch of premium themes in NXE, just in case you thought the theme boat had saled from Microsoft console user interfaces. There’s lots of stuff there from Gears 2, Halo 3, and so on. Go ahead and brighten up your life.

  • NXE team working on Marketplace "issues"

    Nelson’s posted to say the NXE team is aware that Xbox Live Marketplace is experiencing some “issues” – as in, it’s not working properly – but that in general, yesterday’s release of the New Xbox Experience was “incredible”. “As you can imagine, it’s been an incredible day so far for the New Xbox Experience,” said […]

  • Sony Netflix cock-block "not specific to Xbox"

    Sony’s played down the fact it’s stopped Columbia movies being streamed onto Xbox 360’s via Netflix by saying it’s an issue not specific to the platform. Happens all the time, apparently. “This issue is not specific to Xbox or any other individual platform,” a Sony Pictures spokesperson told MTV. “Sony Pictures is currently in discussions […]

  • NXE: Bungie explains why Halo 3 loads faster from disc that hard drive

    There’s a lengthy explanation from Bungie here as to why Halo 3’s load times are increased by installing the game the an NXE-enabled 360’s hard drive. For the time-pressed reader: the game caches maps to the HD whether it’s loading from the disc or the drive. Hence, if it’s running from the HD, it’s reading […]

  • NXE: Marketplace errors reported, Netflix log-in issues resolved

    We’ve been hearing plenty of reports throughout the day of patchy access to the new Xbox Live marketplace following this morning’s launch of NXE, as has Kotaku. The problems have been occurring for both the website and 360 interfaces. The UI update his another snag in the form of US users not being able to […]

  • NXE: When good themes turn bad

    It couldn’t all be good. OXM’s posted up some shots of old 360 dashboard themes not working very well in NXE. Looks as though one thing didn’t make a smooth transition, at least. See for yourself.

  • Sugababes launching NXE in the UK tomorrow

    UK band the Sugababes are to launch NXE in Britain tomorrow night, “with a very special performance in central London as they’ve never been seen before,” according to Microsoft. The mind boggles. Apparently the “girls” are going to have a bit of a go on Lips and meet their Avatars, all in the aid of […]

  • NXE: First Avatar game, A Kingdom for Keflings, now available

    The Major’s just confirmed the release of A Kingdom for Keflings, the first 360 game to supports Avatars. The title’s a world-building thing, with the main characters your lovely new Avatars. Blurb: [ESRB: E (EVERYONE) MILD CARTOON VIOLENCE] Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 2-4, HD (High Definition). Unlock the full version of A Kingdom for Keflings for […]

  • NXE: Nelson's top 10 things to do with your New Xbox Experience

    Major Nelson’s just posted up a top ten list of things to do with your brand spanking, now-launched, New Xbox Experience. First iff is to create an Avatar, apparently. Then to take a GamerPic of it. Then loads of other stuff. Get it all after the break. Thanks, Roybott!

  • NXE: Rare makes special VG247 Avatar - pics!

    Rare knocked up an Avatar of me a while back, but we’ve had to sit on the images until NXE launched. So here they are, after the break. That’s me, there, laughing and smiling. This is something I very rarely do, but this ably shows the cartoon nature of NXE’s Avatar stuff. As you should […]

  • NXE: Avatar theme packs confirmed for next six months

    Speaking to VG247, Xbox Live product unit manager Jerry Johnson has confirmed that Avatar clothing will be constantly streaming onto the New Xbox Experience for the next half a year. “We’re going to be continually releasing and unlocking clothes for the next six months,” he said. “They’ll be coming out in theme packs.” There’s no […]

  • The New Xbox Experience goes live

    The New Xbox Experience is now live and available to download. You are now living the “biggest moment in the history of the internet.” The UI’s release marks the end of an epic journey of hyping and media bombardment since E3 this year, and heralds, according to Microsoft, a “new era of entertainment.” Xbox boss […]

  • New Xbox Experience set for 10.00 GMT: World braces for impact

    We’re still waiting for direct confirmation from Microsoft, but it seems official: New Xbox Experience will launch at 10.00am GMT this morning. The plan is to deliver the new 360 user interface to 14 million people in an orderly fashion. We’re still disbelieving that the internet won’t melt. We’ll bring you confirmation as soon as […]

  • NXE Netflix streaming loses Sony's Columbia Pictures movies

    According to Joystiq, NXE will launch this morning with a service devoid of “hundreds” of Columbia films. Why? Because they’re owned by Sony, silly. MTV clarified the removal of a swathe of movies from the service is indeed a licensing issue, carrying the following quote from Netflix comms boss Steve Swasey: “As watching instantly becomes […]

  • Rumour: NXE to launch at 5am EST

    This X3F story claims that New Xbox Experience will launched today at 5.00am EST – that’s 10.00am GMT, or 11.00am CET if you’re on the mainland. We’re chalking this up as rumour because we’ve asked Microsoft about this twice this week, to be told both times that the specific launch time of the UI update […]

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