Maryland man blames games and “internet” for gang culture

In a community meeting after which books were probably burnt, an anti-gang leader from Wicomico County in Maryland has denounced games – and specifically GTA – for creating a “lack of respect for life”.“In Grand Theft Auto, you score points by killing cops, stealing cars and beating prostitutes,” said Dan Dougherty, director of the Wicomico […]

13 years ago

Nutter headlines

  • "Xbox dad" awaits verdict in infant death case

    An American man is now facing a jury’s verdict after being tried for stamping on his infant daughter’s head after she tugged “at the cord on his Xbox’s controller, knocking it over.”Anwar Salahuddin, who also uses the name Tyrone Spellman, is alleged to have stamped on the child’s head five times, causing fatal injuries.Summing up […]

    13 years ago