Scratch: The Ultimate DJ controller revealed

What the world needs is more music-related tat to clutter up the fragile lives of normal people. Thankfully, then, Numark and Genius showed the Scratch: The Ultimate DJ controller today, ahead of an E3 showing next week.We thought this was on a sticky wicket? Anyway. Press release and shots after the break.

12 years ago

Numark headlines

  • Court again orders 7 Studios to hand over source code to Scratch

    Los Angeles County Superior Court has once again ordered 7 Studios to relinquish the source code for its game engine over to Scratch: The Ultimate DJ’s developers.Reiterating the April 20 ruling which prevents 7 Studios from discussing the Scratch DJ project with any other company, including Activision, the judge in the case sided once again […]

    12 years ago
  • Acti ordered to return Scratch code to Genius

    Activision has been ordered to return code for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ to developer Genius.The ruling came as part of the same hearing that said last week that there “no evidence of wrongdoing” on the part of Activision in the case.“There is evidence that…7 Studios has a duty to return the work product, source code, […]

    12 years ago