November Npd 2009

November NPD – PC software down 6.6% yoy, $51.7M for the month

NPD has released PC sales figures for November, and estimates that $51.7 million was spent on software in retail stores, but per usual, does not take into account digital distribution sales. Yesterday, Anita Frazier tweeted that PC sales for the year were at $1.46B for the year, which is down 6.6 percent YoY. She also […]

November Npd 2009 headlines

  • November NPD - Full Top 20 software list

    The top 20 best sellers on the November NPD software list, were revealed today. While we don’t have numbers for the bottom half, Michael Pachter stated that “34 titles sold over 100,000 units in November 2009”, which means that sales for 11-20 fell into the 315,000 and 100,000 units range. Here’s the bottom portion of […]

  • November NPD - Sony focuses on growth, "appetite and interest" for PS3

    Sony has responded to the November NPDs, by touting the console’s growth by 88 percent YoY, and how sales were up 122 percent over last month’s figures (320.6K). “In November, PS3 was the only hardware console to see any growth when compared to last November, experiencing an 88 percent lift and a 122 percent increase […]

  • Reggie says that profitability comes from software in this industry

    NOA’s Reggie Fils-Aime has said that despite the decline in hardware sales for this year, software will prove to be huge this year and in 2010. “The record year of 2008 is very difficult to overlap. I look at our performance and see it’s right on track with where we believed it would be,” Fils-Aime […]

  • November NPD - DS sets record, US Wii installed base surpasses 23 million

    Nintendo has responded to the November NPDs, stating that DS has set an all-time record for the month while the installed base for Wii has surpassed 23 million in the US – with both systems selling over 3 million units combined. With Nintendo hardware representing more than half of all video game systems sold in […]

  • November sales of Tony Hawk: RIDE were poor at best

    NPD figures for November revealed that Tony Hawk: RIDE crashed and burned at retail for the month, moving only 114K units across all platforms since its release on the 17th. While reviews were not very kind to the game, it’s a no brainer that the $120 price tag probably was a contributing factor that kept […]

  • November NPD - MS says it was the "best November ever" for 360

    Microsoft seemed rather pleased with the NPD figures for November, citing the move of 819.5K units and calling it the “best-ever November in Xbox 360 history”, repeatedly. The Seattle giant was also pleased with Modern Warfare 2 selling 4.2 million units on the console beating out the PS3 version by more than two-to-one. It also […]

  • November NPD - US sales down 7.6% YoY, second best November ever

    Overall industry sales were down 7.6 percent versus last November, but still revenues were enough to make this the second-best November in industry history taking into account the incredible year that was 2008. Year to date, the industry is still up 7 percent over 2007, and it looks like December may help fatten the number […]

  • November NPD hardware - Nintendo tops with DS and Wii

    Hardware sales totaled $1.05 billion for the month despite being down year-over-year by around 13 percent. But Nintendo is sitting rather well, having moved 1.7 million DS units for November, and Wii hitting at 1.26 million selling two and a half times what it did in October. Xbox 360 tripled in sales, and Sony doubled […]

  • November NPD software - Modern Warfare 2 sells 6 million copies

    Looks like Modern Warfare 2 was tops in November, unsurprisingly, selling over 6 million copies combined on PS3 and Xbox 360 with the later the clear winner at 4.20 million units moved. New Super Mario Bros Wii didn’t do too bad though, as it moved 1.39 million units. Here’s the full thing: Modern Warfare 2 […]

  • Pachter: US Wii broke 1 million in November, PS3 up 85%

    Wedbush Morgan’s issued his sales estimates for November, predicting that Wii managed to keep its head about 1 million in the US last month. “We estimate sell-through of 1,050,000 Wii hardware units (down 49% from last year), 650,000 Xbox 360 (down 22% from last year), and 700,000 PS3 consoles (up 85% year over year),” said […]