Nintendo Press Conference

G4 named official broadcaster of E3 2009, will cover Nintendo conference live

G4 has been named the official broadcaster of E3 2009.The cable channel will be broadcasting the Nintendo conference live, along with the following schedule: Over 22 hours of live coverage Steve Wiebe live world record Donkey Kong high score attempt Live on-air coverage of five major press conferences, including Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to […]

12 years ago

Nintendo Press Conference headlines

  • Tonight’s E3 Nintendo press conference - where can I watch it?

    Microsoft put on a beast a show at E3 last night, leaving Nintendo to step up to the plate today. With Sony following directly afterward, the Japanese firm is under pressure to make it count. And it almost certainly will. Rumours are running hot: a new DS, Animal Crossing and a new Punch Out!! have […]

    13 years ago