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  • Cave Story on WiiWare 'this Holiday season'

    According to this Joystiq report, Nintendo’s confirmed that “Japanese freeware cult-classic” Cave Story is to release in the US on WiiWare this year. From the piece: But it’s not just a straight port, oh no. The indie Metroidvania title will have “new, exclusive content and features created only for the WiiWare version.” No word on […]

  • Brain Age titles are first downloadables for DSi

    According to this 1UP story, redesigned versions of Brain Age and Brain Age 2 will be the first downloadable games available for DSi via the DSi Shop. The news comes from this morning’s Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco. From the piece: Fils-Aime confirmed that after downloading a game for your DS from the Nintendo […]

  • First Klonoa Wii shots released

    On IGN. Everyone wants to be a funny cartoon dog-cat-thing. Stands to reason. No date. Take a look.

  • Pikmin remake to release on Christmas Day, more GameCube classics on way to Wii

    Following an announcement this morning that the original Pikmin was to be remade for Wii, this IGN article informs that the game is to release in Japan on December 25. The game, part of the new Wii De Asobu Selection brand, will follow Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, releasing on December 11. Next year, Nintendo plans […]

  • Wii Speak Channel announced in San Francisco

    As reported by Joystiq, Nintendo’s announced the Wii Speak Channel in California this morning. According to NoA’s Cammy Dunaway, up to four people can chat together, and the Wii Speak microphones will come with a coupon to download the channel. No launch date was given. More through the link. Update: This Kotaku report says it’s […]

  • DSi launch in US "well into 2009"

    According to this Joystiq report, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aimé announced that DSi would not be released in North America until “well into calendar year 2009” today. The exec was speaking at Nintendo’s media summit in San Francisco this morning, following the announcement of the machine in Tokyo earlier today. DSi will launch in […]

  • Club Nintendo confirmed for US

    Club Nintendo will launch in America, Nintendo’s confirmed today. According to this Destructoid piece, the loyalty system will debut in the US “this Holiday season.” No other details, unfortunately.

  • GameCube Wii re-releases coming to Europe

    According to this N-Europe story, the GameCube re-releases announced this morning in Nintendo’s Japanese press conference will, indeed, be making their way to Europe. “The GameCube conversions will be available across Europe too,” said a Nintendo rep. “However, it’s too early to announce or discuss specific details at this time.” Yep, that means there’s going […]

  • US DSi date "not confirmed," says Nintendo

    Speaking to VG247 today, Nintendo has refused to put a date on the release of DSi in the US, saying the information is “not confirmed.” DSi was announced this morning at a Nintendo press conference in Tokyo and dated for November 1. Nintendo UK has since announced that the console will hit Europe next spring. […]

  • First Sin and Punishment 2 screens shown

    On IGN. The game was announced this morning as part of Nintendo’s Japanese press conference. Looks shooty. Take a look.

  • DSi has less battery life than DS Lite

    According to this Kombo story, DSi’s new features come at a price: you won’t be able to use them for as long as a DS Lite lasted. At maximum brightness, the Lite lasts between five and eight hours, compared to a woeful three or four hours for the DSi. Whoops. There’s more details through there.

  • DSi: Nintendo releases 10 new detail shots

    After the break. Nintendo UK just mailed these over. You can see all detail of the new machine in these images, included the SD slot, larger screens, cameras, and so on. DSi was announced this morning in Japan during a Nintendo press conference. More detail here. The console’s releasing in Europe next spring.

  • DSi to launch in Europe next spring

    Nintendo’s confirmed that DSi – the handheld’s hardware revision, announced this morning in Japan – will release in Europe next spring. “We are aiming to launch DSi in Europe in spring 2009,” a spokesperson told Eurogamer. “As it’s too early to confirm specifics on the European or UK launch, we will not be offering further […]

  • DSi info pages posted (in Japanese), shots released

    Here. There are a few decent pictures there of the machine in action, despite the fact it’s basically a DS Lite with no GBA cartridge slot and two cameras. But still. Take a look. For all the rest of the news from the conference, hit this.

  • First DSi hardware and software movie released

    Nintendo just put out the first movie of the newly announced DSi, fresh from this morning’s Japanese press conference. Watch it here. The footage clearly shows the new machine with its cameras and wider screens, as well as a bunch of games. Look now.

  • Watch first Punch-Out!! Wii video right now

    Nintendo just posted the showreel of its Wii games from this morning’s Japanese press conference on its site. There’s first footage in there of the now-confirmed Wii version of Punch-Out!!, as well as Wii Music, Animal Crossing, Samba de Amigo, Namco’s Klonoa remake and more. Go!

  • Sin and Punishment 2 confirmed in Japan

    Nintendo just confirmed the development of Sin and Punishment 2. The new will delight Treasure fans. Still a little unsure whether this is for Wii or DS.

  • Punch-Out!! announced for Wii

    Nintendo just announced a Wii version of Punch-Out!! in Japan. The news comes as part of the firm’s ongoing press conference. It does appear however, that there are bugger all details. It appears the game was shown in a movie reel. More soon. Hopefully.

  • Pikmin Wii re-release confirmed

    Nintendo just confirmed it is to re-release Pikmin and other GameCube games for Wii under the brand “Wii de Asobu Selection” (Games You Can Play on Wii Selection). The company’s press conference is still ongoing.

  • Nintendo addresses Wi storage issue with SD cards

    Nintendo just announced that it is to allow Wii games to be downloaded from its store and saved onto SD cards. The move comes as part of the firm’s ongoing Japanese press conference. Users will be able to use memory cards in this way starting in spring 2009.

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