Nintendo Press Conf October 08

Fils-Aime: Wii Music is a difficult game, will be top Nintendo seller

Speaking to VentureBeat at the US Nintendo Media Summit last week, NoA boss Reggie Fils-Aime slapped down talk of Wii Music being an simple game, saying it’s difficult to master and the title’s E3 debut made it look too easy. “What’s powerful in Wii Music is this juxtaposition of something that looks so simple but […]

Nintendo Press Conf October 08 headlines

  • GoNintendo destroys US Nintendo Media Summit with mega-impressions

    GoNintendo’s just published a ton of play-tests and eyes-on impressions from last weeks US Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco, and such ultimate dedication deserves page impressions: so give them. There’s got to be something you’re interested in here: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia – impressions Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff – impressions Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia […]

  • Nintendo announces virtually nothing at Media Summit Part 2

    Nintendo held a second US press conference today, at which is showed a Tetris game and something called Boingz. Joystiq live-blogged it, for what it’s worth. See screenshots of two WiiWare games through the link.

  • Nintendo UK confirms GC Wii-make line-up for Europe

    We knew they were coming, but Nintendo’s confirmed this morning the actual line-up of GameCube remakes you can expect to be playing on your Wii next year. The firm’s told Eurogamer that Pikmin 1 and 2, Metroid Prime 1 and 2 and Mario Tennis will all be released in Europe in 2009. Chibi Robo and […]

  • Nintendo shares tumble on DSi announcement

    According to this Bloomberg report, Nintendo investors clearly weren’t impressed with the firm’s DSi announcement yesterday, with the company’s shares falling 3.7 percent in the aftermath. The stock rested at 39,500 yen on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The stock, which more than doubled in each of the past two years, has lost 41 percent in […]

  • New Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City shots posted

    On Gamespot. There’s a picture of a cartoon horse standing in front of a sign that says “happy” there, which should give you some idea of what to expect. Take a look.

  • Mario & Luigi RPG 3 gets debut trailer

    After the break. The newly announced sequel looks beautiful, if dyed-in-the-wool in terms of sticking to the formula from previous games. See for yourself. It’s out next year.

  • Punch-Out!! Wii gets proper trailer

    After the break. It does look fun, no question, and the video’s in a good resolution so you can properly see what’s going on. Game’s out next year.

  • The Conduit: nine new videos

    IGN’s posted up nine new videos of Wii FPS the Conduit, presumably grabbed from a box at yesterday’s Nintendo press event in California. Looks relatively pretty. See for yourself.

  • Reggie: DSi "in our next fiscal: so that's after April"

    Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that when he said yesterday that US consumers are going to have to wait “well into 2009” for the launch of DSi, what he actually meant was that the machine was launching in the fiscal financial year. “The critical decision for those consumers is how long to […]

  • New US Nintendo release dates rounded up

    From NintendoEverything. This is all the stuff that got announced yesterday in Nintendo’s US press conference, both for DS and Wii. Going to be grey imports a-go-go for DSi, from the look of it. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) – October 21 Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Alma (DS) – November 10 Animal Crossing: City Folk […]

  • Animal Crossing Wii to support USB keyboard

    According to this Kombo story, Nintendo’s confirmed that Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City – the more sensibly named Animal Crossing: City Folk in the US – will support a USB keyboard. There’s going to be lots of typing involved in Tom Nook’s new, plat du jour, clearly. There is literally nothing else we […]

  • All the DS shots from US Nintendo conference posted

    Why not? DS Fanboy’s posted what looks to be all the DS screens from this morning’s Nintendo press conference in SF. Nothing could be better than this. Nothing. Hit the link and see.

  • Full Japanese Nintendo press conference posted in English

    Nintendo’s posted its entire Tokyo presentation from this morning on its site, lovingly translated into English. There are some amazing graphs through there. Best in the industry. There’s also this gem of a quote from Big Boy Iwata: Portable game machines are designed to be enjoyed regardless of time and where you are. The ultimate […]

  • Team 17 boss cautious of DSi SD feature

    Speaking to GI, Team 17 head Martyn Brown’s welcomed the ability to slot and SD card into the newly announced DSi, but has warned the feature may bring more widespread piracy to the platform. “Adding an SD slot makes a bunch of sense for downloadable content given the way things are going,” he said. “I […]

  • Rhythm Heaven, Mario & Luigi RPG 3 vaguely dated for US

    Two new DS titles, Rhythm Heaven and Mario & Luigi 3, were given the pinpoint accurate release date of “2009” in this morning’s US Nintendo press conference, as reported by DSF. We’d like to say there are more details through the link, but there aren’t. There are, however, screenshots. So take a look.

  • Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon dated for US

    According to this DS Fanboy story, Nintendo dated Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for the first six months of next year in the US at its Californian press conference this morning. This is apparently very exciting. The RPG, from the makers of Advance Wars, comes replete with online functions and voice chat. Greek to us. Read […]

  • Another Code Wii shots released

    On CVG. Looks well hardcore. Put porn to shame, it would. Out next year. Take a look.

  • First Punch-Out!! Wii shots released

    On IGN. It’s Punch-Out!! on Wii, and looks exactly as you’d expect. No bad thing. Take a look.

  • The Conduit a first-party Wii game? Nope

    Cammie Dunaway apparently called High Voltage FPS The Conduit a first-party game in the Nintendo of America press conference this morning, sparking a flurry of rumour about whether or not Nintendo’s to publish the game. Basically: it isn’t. Joystiq’s been emailed by the developer to say so. Glad that’s cleared up.

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