Nintendo Pc E3 2008

Nintendo: “Zelda and Mario teams hard at work on new titles”

Nintendo has just announced that the Mario and Zelda teams are “both hard at work” on new titles. “They will bring new titles to Wii,” said president Satoru Iwata, speaking in the company’s ongoing E3 press conference. More to follow.

Nintendo Pc E3 2008 headlines

  • Shaun White Snowboarding Wii exclusive and by "year end"

    Speaking in Nintendo’s E3 press conference, company marketing bod Cammie Dunaway and snowboarder Shaun White have just had a bit of “banter” in the E3 Nintendo conference, during which she confirmed the game for a release “exclusively for Wii by year end”.

  • Nintendo E3 2008 press conference starts at 5.00pm UK time

    The sound? The fanboy siren. The beat of Reggie’s lungs as he hyperventilates backstage. The click-clacking of Iwata picking his teeth in the dressing room. This is it, Wii-lovers. At 5.00pm UK time the curtain will lift on Nintendo’s E3 press conference in Los Angeles, and the scene is set for a barnstorming performance. We […]