Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS headlines

  • New Solatorobo: Red the Hunter combat videos

    Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is just as exciting as Modern Warfare 3. Y’know, if you’re into furries.

  • Kirby: Mass Attack NDS trailer

    The Nintendo DS may be on its last legs, but HAL Laboratory’s got one last game in store for DS fans.

  • New Aliens: Infestation trailer (that other Aliens game)

    It may not be a new Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer, but we’ll make do with the Nintendo DS game for now.

  • Nintendo trademarks 3DSWare and 3DSPlay

    That sound at the door? That’s the future knocking. The 3DS is here, and it’s here to stay. Oh, it also brought friends.

  • NPD March 2010: Nintendo touts record-breaking portable sales

    New DS hardware and old (but upgraded to the point where they’re basically new) Pokemon games? In the same month? Come on, Nintendo. It’s already impossible enough to outsell the DS, but that’s just downright mean.

  • Assassin's Creed II: Discovery finally confirmed for Nintendo DS

    Whoa. No way. An Assassin’s Creed II spin-off? On the DS? We’re shocked. Finally, after an especially loud rumor mill and an ESRB outing, Ubisoft’s confirmed Discovery’s DS edition in a press release. It’s coming out on November 17, and – if you do your sneaking and stabbing on the DSi – will allow you […]

  • Rabbids Go Home finds new home on the DS

    Rabbids Go Home, the latest entry in Ubisoft’s curiously popular Rayman offshoot, is DS-bound, reports Kotaku. Instead of trying out the Prince of All Cosmo’s gig like its Wii counterpart, the DS Rabbids will be slipping into the disembodied kicks of its progenitor Rayman for some platforming and puzzling. If you’ve got a DSi, you’ll […]

  • Japanese Chinatown Wars is first DS game to receive Z rating

    It appears that GTA: Chinatown Wars’ Japanese jaunt won’t be quite as uneventful as originally planned. According to Siliconera, the game will be the first to have its hide branded with a CERO Z rating, the equivalent of an AO in the US, or an 18+ in Europe. Monumental though it may be, the news […]

  • Phantasy Star Zero given winter 2009 release date

    Sega’s Wi-Fi enabled DS RPG, Phantasy Star Zero, has annexed winter 2009 as its own. It is, as expected, a videogame. Apparently, it’ll allow you to murder tiny monstrosities with up to four of your friends, either through local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Additionally, 350 unique weapons will surely test the limits of your […]