Nico Nico Super Conference

PS4 Nico Nico Share streaming launches in Japan April 30

As promised in February, Japanese PlayStation 4 owners will be able to post to Nico Nico when using the console’s Share function come April 30. The Niconico live stream option will be released through a system update, likely the 1.7 firmware update announced at GDC last month. The Nico Nico Super Conference, which takes place […]

7 years ago

Nico Nico Super Conference headlines

  • God Eater 2 video shows over nine minutes of footage

    God Eater 2, the sequel to PSP RPG Gods Eater Burst, has a new nine minute video available below, which was shown during the Nico Nico Super Conference. As Gemastu noted, it’s rather blurry, but you still get an idea of how the Boost Hammer and Charge Spear work. Game’s due in Japan on PSP […]

    8 years ago