NFS Undercover

Top-line EA roster hits Steam

Following a pretty conclusive rumour that Spore was about to go live on Steam earlier this week, Valve’s just confirmed that Wright’s latest, the Creepy & Cute add-on, WAR, Mass Effect, NfS Undercover and FIFA Manager 2009 are now all available on the download service.Mirror’s Edge, Red Alert 3 and Dead Space are all to […]

12 years ago

NFS Undercover headlines

  • NFS Undercover Cops and Robbers online mode announced

    EA studio Black Box has given word that Need for Speed Undercover has an online multiplayer mode entitled Cops and Robbers.It’s four against four with one team on the run whilst the other gives chase. Sounds like it could be good. Well, Block Box seems to think so, anyway:“High-intensity police chases are a signature component […]

    12 years ago