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  • Reynolds "would certainly like to see" stronger social components in next-gen systems

    Industry veteran and Zynga chief game designer, Brian Reynolds, has said he would like to see the next wave of consoles contain a stronger social component.

  • UK Government warms to Next Gen, admits "reform" needed in computer education

    The UK Government has published its response to Ian Livingstone’s Next Gen report today, saying it agrees computer science education in the UK is in need of “reform”.

  • New Xbox hardware in 2015? "It's not real," says designer

    Following ZDNet unearthing an online portfolio that made mention of new Xbox hardware coming in 2015, the author of the page has reportedly confirmed it’s a fake.

  • Iwata: Nintendo to remain hush-hush on Wii follow-up for now

    Satoru Iwata has said in an investor’s Q&A the firm’s working on a follow-up to Wii “behind closed doors”.

  • Sony last to next gen, pub expects new hardware in "2-3 years"

    Sony dev head Shuhei Yoshida’s said he expects both Nintendo and Microsoft to release new hardware before PlayStation makes the leap the next generation, while Ubisoft today agreed with the increasingly popular view that you’re going to see a new kid on the block before 2013.

  • Square Enix hiring staff for next-gen engine

    Square Enix has started hiring for positions for development on a next-gen engine.

  • EA job listings hint at "next-gen" Boom Blox

    A recent EA job listing uncovered by Internet super sleuth Superannuation has “next-gen” and “Boom Blox” written all over it. Literally! “Our last two titles were Wii-based, but our next titles will be for the next generation,” says a listing by EA’s Boom Blox team. Previous listings have searched for the conspicuous mix of PS3 […]

  • Grin to court publishers with three new projects at GDC

    Grin’s Bo Andersson has said that the Swedish developer has started work on three new projects. The firm will talk to publishers about the games next week at GDC, Andersson said. He said the meetings are “more to do with what we will work on in 2011 and 2012”. “One of the things we will […]

  • Next-Gen turns into Edge-Online

    It all came about rather suddenly, first with a leaked post, then a confirmation that self same day, and now it’s happened: Edge-Online has launched. Good luck to everybody involved from all us here at VG247. By Mike Bowden

  • May NPD anaysis graphs fail to deliver

    Next-Gen’s May NPD analysis is as exhaustive as ever, but we can’t help feeling the graphs have their sparkle this month. Still, there are enough facts here to make you cry, so you have to read. Just to prove you can.

  • February 2003 best review month ever

    According to this Next-Gen piece, February 2003 was the best ever month for average review scores, and February has seen the highest review scores on average for the past six years. According to the site: February turns out to have the best average review scores at 70.6%. August is a closer runner-up at 70.2% May […]

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