New York

PlayStation 4: why Sony has a place in the next generation

Sony is expected to announce PlayStation 4 in New York next Wednesday. Patrick Garratt explains why Sony has earned its place in living room gaming’s future.

New York headlines

  • New York Senate passes video game bill

    Kotaku’s reporting that New York is the newest state to pass legislation permitting regulation over video games. If the Governor signs off on the bill, it can become law by 2010, allowing creation of an advisory committee to oversee interactive media in association with youth violence. Click Here to read the details of the bill, […]

  • GTA IV launch photos from Miami, Scotland, New York, New Jersey and Manhattan

    Kotaku‘s rounded up a bunch more GTA IV launch photos for the list, this lost being from Miami, Scotland, New York, New Jersey and Manhattan. It’s a men in queues wankathon. More men in queues than you can possibly need. That isn’t true, obviously, so if you have any more men in queues pictures, keep […]

  • All the GTA IV NYC viral ads in one place

    These have been floating around in various places for the past couple of days, but MTV’s got them all together, which makes life easier. You can see all the GTA IV New York billboard ads here, should you feel the need. Very nice that are too, to be honest. Only 12 days to go!