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  • NXE torn apart - detailed load time differences, HD movies, kitchen sink

    Rich over at Digital Foundry sent word that he’s given New Xbox Experience the proverbial seeing to, posting seven HD movies on various aspects of the new 360 UI and a ton of detailed loading time stats to show where you’re going to benefit most from installing games to the hard drive. The loading stats […]

  • NXE - Avatars in games shown in video

    Microsoft’s released some footage of Avatars being included in games, as you can see after the break. Obviously, Avatars are the visual representations of 360 owners to be included with the launch of NXE on November 19. See for yourself.

  • NXE user preview now available for download

    VG247 reader revolting brings word that the New Xbox Experience preview has now gone live. He’s been using it, and everything. Microsoft sent out mails earlier this week promising those lucky enough to be selected to pre-test the UI before general release on November 19 would have the update on their machines before November 1. […]

  • NXE preview confirmation emails sent out

    Nelson tells that all the emails confirming places on the New Xbox Experience early look thing announced last week have been sent out. Only 1,000 people were able to get involved, so check your mail to see if you were one of the lucky ones. NXE ships on November 19.

  • More NXE impressions published

    Bored of it yet? Destructoid’s just published a large impressions piece on NXE, including screens and plenty of words. Better get used to it. Microsoft UK’s holding preview events this week, so expect a ton more. New Xbox Experience ships on November 19.

  • NXE pulled apart in words and video

    Both Engadget and Joystiq have posted up lengthy impressions of New Xbox Experience, the former posting a ton of off-screen photos, while the latter’s published three long, direct-feed movies from the new UI. Find them after the break. Expect plenty more on this before it hits on November 19. Watch the videos while you’re injecting […]

  • NXE will "help 360 on journey" towards the mass market

    Microsoft’s said New Xbox Experience will help Xbox 360 acheive mass market status when it releases next month, broadening the console’s appeal further than it’s Gears of War-loving market. “It’s a big Christmas for us in terms of where we think we’re going to go,” Xbox Live UK product manager James Houlton told IGN. “We […]

  • Live provides alternative way to market for smaller games, says Schappert

    Speaking to MCV, Xbox Live boss John Schappert has said that New Xbox Experience will offer up a retail space that traditional brick and mortar sellers can’t provide. “There are games coming that would not get the space at retail, and that’s a big part of why we’re refreshing the system,” he said. “We want […]

  • MS opens applications for early NXE testing (update)

    Update: Hope you got in early. It’s over. Nelson just added this to the bottom of his post: “I just found out that that the preview program is now FULL. Now it’s time to go through the thousands of applicants. Thanks for your interest and good luck getting in!” Nelson brings word that applications to […]

  • MS shows NXE's Netflix functionality and Video Store

    On GamerScoreBlog. As with the rest of these NXE function reveals, there are some screens and a bit of blurb, this time on the new Netflix and Video Store stuff. The 360 UI update launches on November 19. Take a look.

  • Unique NXE Avatar URLs discovered

    X3F’s running a piece that appears to show that NXE Avatars will have their own specific URL containing three sizes of images of your Live persona. There’s a sample here, but you’ll find it garbled in Firefox, if that’s what you’re using. NXE launches on November 19. More through the link.

  • Microsoft on Primetime delay: November 19 is only the beginning

    Microsoft has responded to the Xbox Live Primetime delay published earlier today by saying that the release date of “November 19 is only the beginning!” and that there is there is plenty more to come as far as New Xbox Experience is concerned. “The New Xbox Experience is a long term initiative and what we […]

  • Major Nelson offering chance to get NXE as early as next week

    In this week’s podcast, Major Nelson teases that if you keep on eye on his blog next week, you might be able to get your hands on New Xbox Experience early. From the podcast: “Major Nelson: “…I know you as my audience, you guys, you like to pick up and play. You want to get […]

  • NXE: Community games shown in video

    It doesn’t get any better than this. A video. Of community games. Working in the New Xbox Experience. On Major Nelson’s blog. Xbox 360 production boss Aaron Greenberg called NXE “the biggest moment in the history of the internet” earlier this week, so get watching. NXE launches on November 19.

  • NXE: Euros to get 360 memory upgrades as well - all details and pricing

    Microsoft has just confirmed to VG247 that Europeans are to enjoy Xbox 360 memory upgrades in the run up to NXE’s launch, having confirmed a scheme to provide necessary memory to non-HD 360 users in the States overnight. Word for word: General Active Live members with no storage or with a 64mb MU: Offered 512mb […]

  • MS offering cheap HDs and free memory cards for NXE

    Following news that New Xbox Experience would require 128Mb of memory to run, Microsoft has announced that it’s offering either a free 512Mb memory unit or a 20Gb hard drive for $19.99 to those that own an Xbox 360 with no memory space. If you bought a 360 with no hard drive, you can go […]

  • NXE to launch without movie-sharing

    According to this Shacknews report, Microsoft’s confirmed that New Xbox Experience is to launch without its promised movie-sharing functionality. An MTV story earlier this evening had reported that the UI update may ship without film- and photo-sharing. “Photo Sharing is going to be available at launch,” said Microsoft is a statement. “With regards to movies, […]

  • NXE: How the new Marketplace will work on your PC

    GamerScoreBlog’s posted up screens of the new Xbox Live Marketplace for PC, which’ll be going live with the New Xbox Experience on November 19. The new feature will allow you to browse and buy Marketplace content through Windows, queuing up downloads for your 360. Once you’ve made your choices, all you have to do is […]

  • Avatar customization requires 256Mb of storage

    According to this X3F story, Microsoft’s NXE announcement from Tokyo this morning was a note that Avatar customization requires 256Mb of storage. We’re looking at you, Core owners. Hard drive or bust. More through the link. NXE was confirmed this morning for a November 19 launch.

  • New Xbox Experience gets Tokyo-timed hands-on

    A couple of hands-on piece on New Xbox Experience have popped up this morning, so check out some lengthy previews on Kotaku and 1UP. The 360 UI update was confirmed this morning for a November 19 launch in November.

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