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  • NXE: Avatar theme packs confirmed for next six months

    Speaking to VG247, Xbox Live product unit manager Jerry Johnson has confirmed that Avatar clothing will be constantly streaming onto the New Xbox Experience for the next half a year. “We’re going to be continually releasing and unlocking clothes for the next six months,” he said. “They’ll be coming out in theme packs.” There’s no […]

  • The New Xbox Experience goes live

    The New Xbox Experience is now live and available to download. You are now living the “biggest moment in the history of the internet.” The UI’s release marks the end of an epic journey of hyping and media bombardment since E3 this year, and heralds, according to Microsoft, a “new era of entertainment.” Xbox boss […]

  • New Xbox Experience set for 10.00 GMT: World braces for impact

    We’re still waiting for direct confirmation from Microsoft, but it seems official: New Xbox Experience will launch at 10.00am GMT this morning. The plan is to deliver the new 360 user interface to 14 million people in an orderly fashion. We’re still disbelieving that the internet won’t melt. We’ll bring you confirmation as soon as […]

  • NXE Netflix streaming loses Sony's Columbia Pictures movies

    According to Joystiq, NXE will launch this morning with a service devoid of “hundreds” of Columbia films. Why? Because they’re owned by Sony, silly. MTV clarified the removal of a swathe of movies from the service is indeed a licensing issue, carrying the following quote from Netflix comms boss Steve Swasey: “As watching instantly becomes […]

  • Rumour: NXE to launch at 5am EST

    This X3F story claims that New Xbox Experience will launched today at 5.00am EST – that’s 10.00am GMT, or 11.00am CET if you’re on the mainland. We’re chalking this up as rumour because we’ve asked Microsoft about this twice this week, to be told both times that the specific launch time of the UI update […]

  • Kim: NXE will tranform Live into "social and entertainment network"

    Xbox boss Shane Kim’s told Forbes that tomorrow’s NXE launch heralds a major step in a journey from Xbox Live as was to a Facebook-esque networking tool. New Xbox Experience is “a big part of [Live’s] transformation from a multiplayer matchmaking service to a social and entertainment network,” he said, adding that “Microsoft will be […]

  • web-based marketplace almost launched, Avatars spotted went down for maintenance earlier today, and came back with the promised web-based Marketplace – complete with “coming soon” graphic. The new feature will allow people to buy stuff from Live then download it to their 360s later on, which is probably pretty cool. Also, as you can see here if you’re logged in […]

  • Microsoft heralds NXE's imminent "new era of entertainment"

    With the launch of New Xbox Experience tomorrow, Microsoft’s press released what it claims to be a “new era of entertainment” akin to the launch of the colour television. We’re about to enter a “bold new future,” apparently, one in which people can stream HD movies and “every experience is shared with friends and families, […]

  • Microsoft opens NXE to all who signed up for preview

    Here we go. Microsoft confirmed today that anyone who signed up for the NXE preview program will now receive the UI update when they switch on their 360s. The move signals the first proper phase of the software’s roll-out, which will go Live-wide tomorrow. NXE was given to 10,000 people as a preview last week. […]

  • NXE launch vid shows imaginary world with floaty things

    Just in case every single minute detail of Microsoft’s New Xbox Experience, launching Wednesday, hasn’t yet been made public, a new video has been released showing what you’ll see after the update has been installed. The launch video shows black cars driving around a world full of colour and floaty, bubbly things presumably intented to […]

  • NXE installation shown in video

    Nelson’s posted up a video of NXE being installed, which is probably about the only aspect of the new 360 UI that hasn’t yet been covered in excruciating detail by Microsoft in the run up to its November 19 launch. The lid’s pretty much off now: “If you’re in the preview program, feel free to […]

  • NXE preview enters third and final stage

    According to this Nelson post, Microsoft has now sent out the last 10,000 preview access emails to people wanting an early look at New Xbox Experience. If you weren’t selected, never fear: the update fully launches on November 19, or “next Wednesday.”

  • NXE trailer likely to have competitors a bit worried

    Microsoft’s released a trailer for New Xbox Experience that make it look as though it’s made good on Xbox 360’s promise to get into the “lifestyle” space. You wife/girlfriend/rentboy may well be interested. No word of a lie. Look and see. NXE releases on November 19.

  • Man creates NXE Avatar in video

    After the break. It’s the full process of creating an Avatar in the New Xbox Experience, as filmed by IGN. Looks very snazzy, so it does. NXE launches on November 19. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • NXE Parties and photo-sharing detailed

    Another week, another Gamerscoreblog NXE update, this time on the subject of Parties and photo-sharing on the new 360 UI. As ever, there’s plenty of detail through there and grabs of how it’s all going to work. New Xbox Experience releases on November 19.

  • Netflix streaming trial cards to be bundled in 360 games

    According to this post, US gamers are to get free trials to Netflix streaming access in 360 games. The service itself doesn’t go live until the release of New Xbox Experience on November 19, but it doesn’t look as though ayone cares about such minor details: the trial cards have popped up in the […]

  • "Half the things" intended for NXE were cut out, says MS

    Speaking to CVG, Microsoft’s said that a ton of stuff was dropped from New Xbox Experience. Hardly a shock, but there we are. “There’s still a lot of stuff we want to do,” said Xbox Live’s Jerry Johnson. “Half the things we wanted to do [in NXE] we cut out of the service. “One of […]

  • Epic: Microsoft "winning" online battle with "cool stuff"

    Epic head Mike Capps reckons Microsoft’s upcoming additions to Live with NXE mean the firm’s winning in the console online space. He said so to GI. “The way they’re expanding the Live presence – you know, they’re leading right now, they’re winning,” he said. “And the way you continue to do that is to keep […]

  • NXE isn't finished yet, says Microsoft

    Microsoft’s confirmed that New Xbox Experience isn’t yet finished, but has assured that the 360 UI update will be completely done and dusted in time for its release on November 19. “It’s not,” said Major Nelson podcast regular “e” when asked why Microsoft doesn’t just ship NXE now seeing as it’s “obviously ready”. “It’s really, […]

  • New Xbox Experience leaked onto net

    X3F reports that Microsoft’s New Xbox Experience has been leaked onto the internet. However, those of you wishing to partake in piracy and risking the wrath of MS’s 9th-ranked assassins better be warned that installing the update means Xbox Live is disabled until November 19. So look before you leap. Or probably don’t leap at […]

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