New Jersey

New Jersey SAFE Task Force seeking to regulate the sale of Mature games to kids

In other news out of the Jersey Shore, the New Jersey SAFE Task Force, has released a report recommending state lawmakers stamp out the sale of Mature games to minors. Former by governor Chris Christie in January, the task force is looking for a way to curb situations would result in tragedies such as Newtown […]

8 years ago

New Jersey headlines

  • Zynga share price rises amid New Jersey gambling debate

    Zynga’s stock has hit a six-month high, rising 11% following months of financial turmoil, lay-offs and walk-outs. The increase comes as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie opened up the possibility for legally-sanctioned real money gaming.

    8 years ago
  • Violent games banned at New Jersey library, anti-censorship group protests

    This old thing again. Staff members have successfully petitioned to block the playing of shooter on computers at the Paterson Free Public Library in New Jersey. The petition comes over fear that violent titles are teaching kids bad behaviour. Let’s get on with then shall we?

    8 years ago
  • GTA IV launch photos from Miami, Scotland, New York, New Jersey and Manhattan

    Kotaku‘s rounded up a bunch more GTA IV launch photos for the list, this lost being from Miami, Scotland, New York, New Jersey and Manhattan. It’s a men in queues wankathon. More men in queues than you can possibly need. That isn’t true, obviously, so if you have any more men in queues pictures, keep […]

    13 years ago