Netflix On Ps3

Netflix on PS3 demoed in video

Netflix users should have gotten their instant streaming disc for PS3 today, and if you have yet to try it out or are sitting on the fence, there’s a demo of the service posted over on YouTube, which we have past the break.Looks like a good thing, really.See for yourself.Thanks Engadget.

11 years ago

Netflix On Ps3 headlines

  • Disc for Netflix on PS3 arriving by mail November 6

    Loads of folks got emails today from Netflix saying that their “free instant streaming disc for PS3 should arrive by Friday, Nov 06, 2009”.That’s tomorrow.Hooray. While you’re waiting, Netflix says that you can add TV episodes and movies to your instant Queue now so that you can watch instantly once the disc arrives.If you signed […]

    11 years ago
  • Netflix promises no disc shortages for PS3 streaming service

    Netflix has confirmed that all PS3 users who request a disc for the streaming service will get one come Novemeber.Speaking with Joystiq, Netflix vice president Steve Swasey said that there will be no disc shortages, as it as “produced enough discs” with distribution centers currently hoarding units until the ship date.While the company is still […]

    11 years ago