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  • Jumpgate Evolution combat, ship control and environments shown in videos

    There are two videos after the break of associate product manager Tim Hodges demoing the NetDevil’s space-based MMO, Jumpgate Evolutiuon, at E3. The footage shows the first real look at the title being played, and fluid combat is the name of the game. Hodges says in the second movie that Jumpgate’s playable with a joystick, […]

  • Jumpgate Evolution teaser trailer unveiled

    GamersHell has a trailer for Jumpgate Revolution, the space-based MMO from Codemasters Online and Netdevil. The trailer is little more than a teaser, but with the backdrop being outer space it should have many peoples’ interest piqued. There’s an article along with the trailer, discussing a few of the game’s features. It’s out later this […]

  • Lego Universe will use bricks as in-game currency, may come to console

    According to this Reuters article, upcoming MMO Lego Universe will use Lego bricks themselves as in-game currency and may head to consoles after an initial PC launch. “The more a child plays, they collect more coins and more bricks. The more you play, the more you get to build things,” said project head Mark William […]

  • Auto Assault canning was "very difficult thing to get through," says NetDevil

    Speaking in this RPS interview, MMO developer NetDevil’s Hermann Peterscheck has talked in detail about moving on from the closure of the NCSoft-published Auto Assault. “Obviously after the game didn’t do as well as expected and was eventually turned off, that’s a very difficult thing to get through,” he said. “As a team you end […]

  • Lego MMO will "bring that dream alive"

    Developer Netdevil’s director of business development, Mark Hansen, has said that the core driving factor behind Lego getting into the MMO space with Lego Universe is to “bring alive” children’s Lego fantasies. That and making a metric truckload of money, obviously. “What’s really unique now is that the technology is at a level where we […]

  • Jumpgate: Evolution for "second half of 2008"

    Codemasters MMO Jumpgate: Evolution will be released in the back end of this year, developer NetDevil has confirmed. “We are planning on launching in the second half of 2008,” lead producer Hermann Peterscheck told VG247. “It’s really exciting to announce our partnership with Codemasters Online. They are already running some of the biggest MMO’s and […]

  • Get 20% off your Connect 2008 ticket

    If you’re thinking of going to Connect 2008 in Birmingham next month, sign up for your tickets with the code COCON21 and you’ll get a 20 percent discount. The two-day community event will give you access to all of Codemasters Online Gaming’s MMOs – D&D Online, Archlord, LotRo, RF Online and the newly confirmed Jumpgate: […]

  • Jumpgate moves away from EVE's point and click

    In this chat with gamers on Jumpgate: Evolution, the space-based MMO newly confirmed to publication by COG, developer NetDevil has distiguished the game from CCP’s much-loved title EVE Online by saying its combat and spaceship control will be more fluid. “Well obviously EVE is a point and click flight scenario and we’ll have free flight […]

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