Devil May Cry 5 – demo, playable characters, weapons and more

Devil May Cry 5 was announced last year at E3 and the hype has slowly but surely built up over the last few months.

2 years ago

Nero headlines

  • This trailer for ID@Xbox game Nero is beautiful and mysterious

    Nero is on course to be one of the first games to emerge from ID@Xbox, Microsoft’s indie program and, if this new trailer is anything to go by, it’s looking promising.

    6 years ago
  • Nero next-generation visual novel confirmed for Wii U

    Nero, the visual novel in the works at Italian developer Storm in a Teacup, will be released on Wii U through eShop. Other platforms are to be announced, but the official website has Steam, Xbox One and 3DS logos posted. According to the studio’s creative director Carlo Bianchi, the “next-generation visual novel” will make use […]

    7 years ago