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BioWare dev: next-gen transition too expensive for major graphical leap

PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox console won’t enable as dramatic a graphical leap as the previous console transition did, BioWare art and animation director Neil Thompson believes.

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  • Dragon Age 3: Inquisition - first pre-production screenshot revealed during Bioware talk

    The first pre-production shot of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition was shown last night during the Bradford Animation Festival, where Bioware art and animation director Neil Thompson gave a talk on the progression of video game art.

  • Microsoft UK: "Xbox is moving to a broader audience in terms of its market appeal"

    Microsoft UK’s GM for sales and marketing, Neil Thompson, has said Microsoft will “really deliver” on Kinect this year.

  • Microsoft denies Kinect shortage claims

    Microsoft UK and Ireland boss Neil Thompson has denied it has engineered shortage reports of Kinect ahead of the Christmas retail period.

  • Microsoft not looking at Home-like service for 360

    Xbox UK chief Stephen McGill has told GI that Microsoft isn’t looking at plans about creating a service similar to PlayStation Home for 360.

  • Microsoft: iPlayer is not a priority for Xbox 360

    Microsoft’s senior regional director for Northern Europe, Neil Thompson, has said bringing BBC iPlayer to Xbox 360 is not a top priority.

  • Microsoft: 3D may not be the future

    The world of gaming may be buzzing after the reveal of the Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s emphasis on 3D gaming at E3, but Microsoft UK boss Neil Thompson has dismissed 3D as “an interesting technology of the future” that’s still too expensive for consumers.

  • Microsoft: Xbox 360 will be an "active participant" with cloud services

    Microsoft’s Neil Thompson has weighed-in on cloud-based entertainment services, saying Xbox 360 will be “in the mix and active participants” should the industry become all things streaming.

  • Activison chats to the "big three" about digital distribution

    Activision’s Andrew Brown has quizzed Microsoft’s Neil Thompson, Sony’s Ray Maguire and Nintendo’s David Yarnton over on MCV on when digitally distributed titles will overtake boxed products.

  • Thompson: 360 Sky take-up "blowing my mind away"

    Xbox Europe boss Neil Thompson isn’t pleased with Sky’s launch on 360 in the UK. No sir. He’s had his fucking mind blown, man. He can’t handle it. He’s freakin’. Climbing the walls. Riding the wave. Shooting the goose. Which probably explains why the whole thing fell over the first day thanks to “demand“. “We […]

  • Microsoft: Natal launch information is inaccurate

    Microsoft has responded to last week’s Natal information which was leaked from a “behind-closed-doors tour of UK publishers and studios”. This information, according to Xbox UK bossman Neil Thompson is not “accurate” and nothing more than “rumors”. “I’ve got nothing more to say about it”, he told “We’re still very much in the baking […]

  • LGC: 40% of the industry's underprepared for digital distribution

    According to discussions set to take place during this month’s London Games Conference, with digital distribution “poised to outstrip traditional retail sales within three years,” 40 percent of the games industry is underprepared for the shift. Speakers during the LGC will address the issue, along with Nick Parker of Parker Consulting, who believes that 2013 […]

  • New 360 non-games ads kicking off tomorrow

    Microsoft will be airing new 360 ads as of tomorrow designed to evangelise the machine’s non-gaming capabilities “From October 2 we’re launching our own TV work explaining to consumers the broader entertainment offerings we have on Xbox 360, which is going to centre on our music offerings, movie offerings – and then obviously the unique […]

  • Miscrosoft unsure about Netflix coming to UK

    Microsoft’s Neil Thompson is unsure whether British 360 owners will ever get the Netflix movie download service. “Netflix is a great deal in the US, and we’re looking at what we might want to do here in the future,” said the Xbox UK bossman. “But we think the content we’re offering is broad-ranging and pretty […]

  • Microsoft to spend "tens of millions" in Xbox promotion this Christmas

    Speaking to MCV, Microsoft UK boss Neil Thompson has said the firm’s marketing spend for 360 at the end of the year’s going to be major stuff. “On marketing we’ll spend tens of millions – we’re going to engage in a very bold promotional push from now until Christmas,” he said. Thompson added: “We think […]

  • Microsoft: UK ratings could make games more expensive

    Not only could UK ratings make games appear later than everywhere else, but now Neil Thompson, Microsoft’s senior regional director for EDD in the UK and Ireland, says that it could make games more expensive. “We’re in the business of providing great games to a broad audience of gamers, and we need to be able […]

  • Online distribution is "right horse" to back, says Xbox Europe boss

    Speaking in the Guardian, Xbox Europe head Neil Thompson has pushed online distribution yet again as the future of digital content, saying the disc formats will be a nonsense within 18 months time. “The horse that we’re fundamentally backing is the one that says the future of entertainment content is online digital distribution,” he said. […]

  • Microsoft's Thompson: Byron Report is "timely and valuable"

    Neil Thompson, senior regional director of Microsoft’s entertainment division for the UK and Ireland, has just issued a statement to videogaming247 on the Byron Report, welcoming the measures related to games ratings and internet safety outlined a few moments ago. “This is a timely and valuable report on what we believe is a key issue, […]

  • Microsoft's Thompson bats for PEGI

    According to this, Microsoft’s Neil Thompson – head of corporate affairs in the UK – has said he wants games ratings to stay with PEGI when Tanya Byron submits her reports of games age restriction to the government later this month. “We made it very clear to the Byron Report team, both as an industry […]