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  • Need for Speed Shift - first movie

    EA put out a first in-game trailer of Need for Speed Shift this morning, as well as announcing the game’s September date. After the break. It’d be pretty churlish to say this looked shabby.

  • Need for Speed Shift confirmed for September release [Update]

    Need for Speed Shift will release on September 17 in Europe and September 22 in the US, EA just confirmed. The good-looker’s down for PC, PS3, 360 and PSP. Press release after the jump. Update: A trailer’s gone up on Live by way of celebration.

  • Need for Speed Shift - new shots

    Shack’s got quite a few new screens of the upcoming Need for Speed Shift. It’s for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP this autumn. Slightly Mad Studios is doing the work. There’s going to be hands-on stuff on this later today, apparently.

  • EA: Sequels will be 2010's big hitters, says JR

    EA’s just predicted that a slew of sequels will form the bulk of the company’s revenue for fiscal 2010. Madden, Need for Speed SHIFT, Bad Company 2, the next Harry Potter game and The Sims 3 were named as the those likely to be the biggest games for the firm in the next financial year […]

  • First Need for Speed SHIFT, NITRO and World Online images released

    EA just released the first images of Need for Speed SHIFT, NITRO and World Online. Need for Speed got an announced franchise revamp last week, the three new games being mentioned for the first time. A press release detailing the titles was issued today. Get it and the screens after the break.

  • Revamped NFS series launches this year

    EA has told Eurogamer that the immensely popular Need For Speed franchise is to be reinvented into separate core, casual and ‘Play 4 Free’ games. Need for Speed: Shift will launch on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP this autumn, apparently, along with Need for Speed: Nitro on Wii and DS. Need for Speed: World […]

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