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  • NFS Shift dev: GT5 damage not "quite so realistic"

    Need for Speed: Shift developer Slightly Mad studios has said to Gamerzines that the damage model for Gran Turismo 5 is not “quite so realistic”. The revealation came from the studio’s Andy Tudor. “Actually, when the footage of Gran Turismo 5 came out of GamesCom with the doors flying off, we were all like ‘what […]

  • Internet connection for Need for Speed: SHIFT on PC is not "mandatory"

    The release of Need for Speed: SHIFT is just around the corner, and EA released the minimum spec requirements for the PC version yesterday. It’s posted again below the break in case you missed it before. However, Blues News contacted EA to find out why an internet connection was listed as mandatory, and were told […]

  • Need for Speed: Shift gets system specs

    Need for Speed: Shift will probably run on your PC, from the look of the system specs EA put out overnight. Required – Internet Connection OS – Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or Windows Vista (Service Pack 1) / Windows 7 Processor – Intel Core™2 Duo 1.6 GHz or faster Memory – XP: 1 GB […]

  • Pre-order Need For Speed: Shift, get a BMW

    EA’s announced the pre-order details for Need For Speed: Shift, but they’re only applicable if you’re buying the game from GameStop in the US. Put down a deposit and you will get an extra car for the game: a BMW E92 M3 GT2. And that’s pretty much it. It’s out September 15 in the US […]

  • EA shows Eurogamer Expo line-up

    EA’s confirmed its Eurogamer Expo line-up. And here it is: Need for Speed: Shift Need for Speeed: Nitro The Saboteur FIFA 10 Dragon Age: Origins Dante’s Inferno Brutal Legend The Beatles: Rock Band Left 4 Dead 2 The event takes place on October 27-28 in Leeds, then on October 30-31 in London. Buy a ticket […]

  • NfS: Shift Driver's Experience series teased

    EA’s trailered Driver’s Experience, its real-world Need for Speed: Shift show detailing drivers experiencing driving. As you’d expect. Watch the video after the break. The show itself is releasing web-side this weekend. There’s more detail on Joystiq.

  • Vaughn Gittin Jr talks drifting in Need for Speed: Shift video

    Champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr is featured in the video after the break discussing the part he played in the development of Need for Speed: Shift – which just so happens to contain loads of drifting. Game’s out September 17 and 22 in the UK and US receptively. Via Kotaku.

  • Need for Speed: Shift video demos driver profile

    The Need for Speed: Shift video posted after the break gives players and look at the Driver Profile feature. EA has said that the Driver Profile shapes how the player is perceived by other drivers according to racing style, personality, badges accumulated, success on the track and other factors. Game’s out September 17 and 22 […]

  • EA boss: Bizarre's Blur is "completely underwhelming"

    This won’t end well. Patrick Soderlund, senior VP of EA Games Europe and dev lead on Need for Speed: Shift, told VG at E3 that he’s baffled by Bizarre Creations’ Blur and that his game is “better” than Forza 3. “Let me tell you this,” he said, sounding very pumped. “I think Split/Second looks great. […]

  • Need for Speed: Shift screens are full of cars, obviously

    You’ve seen the trailer. You know it has 65 cars and 18 tracks. You know it’s got the BMW M3 GT2. Now go look at the Need for Speed: Shift screens that have popped up over on IGN. It’s a gear-head’s dream. Or in this case, an racing gamers dream. Game’s out September 17 and 22 […]

  • Need for Speed: Shift has 65 cars, 18 tracks

    EA confirmed today that Need for Speed: Shift has 65 cars and 18 tracks. The BMW M3 GT2 seen in the E3 trailer we posted earlier will appear on the game’s cover. Get the list of models and locales after the break.

  • Need for Speed: Shift trailer shows BMW M3 GT2

    Need for Speed: Shift’s E3 trailer just released, showing the BMW M3 GT2. The game certainly looks the part. Hit the link for proof. Autumn for PS3, 360 and PC.

  • GameTrailers TV to drop pre-E3 bombs on May 28

    GameTrailers TV filmed a special E3 episode full of news and some other goodies that will be ready to view come May 28 at 11:00pm EST. We do, however,  know a bit about what to expect from the show and here’s just some of it: Tricia Helfer and Rose McGowan are  cohosts. An Uncharted 2 […]

  • Rumor: Criterion working on Need for Speed title due in 2010

    Criterion Games is rumored to be working on the next iteration of the Need for Speed franchise, and it’s slated for a 2010 release. According to a Primotech source, the development was announced during an internal presentation at EA Redwood last week by John Riccitiello. EA responded to queries regarding the news with a side […]

  • Need for Speed: Shift has new shots

    EA jut put out new screens of Need for Speed: Shift. Feel its realism. It’s out on September 18 for PC, PS3, 360 and PSP.

  • New screens and video released for Need for Speed: Shift

    Need for Speed: Shift has been given the screen and video treatment by EA. Announced back in January, the game gives you a first-person view of the race from inside the cockpit and features over 60 licensed cars. It’s out in September for PC, PS3, PSP and Xbox 360. Video’s after the break, screens are […]

  • Need for Speed: Shift demo for this summer

    A Need for Speed: Shift demo will release at some point this summer, producer Jesse Abney has told GameTrailers in an interview. The tester will include a sample of driver advancement, the developer said, but didn’t offer any information on date or platform. Thanks, Blue.

  • Criterion "would be a great team to work with" on Need for Speed

    Need for Speed: Shift producer Jesse Abney would like to work with Criterion on Need for Speed projects. “You know, Criterion’s got a great heritage in racing games, and I think they would be a great team to work with on that stuff, certainly from a personal opinion,” he said, talking in London last week. […]

  • New Need for Speed: Shift shots are pretty

    EA’s put out some new Need for Speed: Shift screens, as you can see on Destructoid. The racer’s out this autumn for PC, PSP, PS3 and 360.

  • Need for Speed: Shift like Gran Turismo? Nope: we want our game to be fun

    Need for Speed: Shift is obviously gunning for realism. You’d kind of expect the Slightly Mad title, then, to have Gran Turismo in its sights. Apparently not. Shift is going to be about “fun,” not “driving in a straight line,” producer Jesse Abney told VG247 in London last week. “We don’t pretend to compete with […]

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