Saturday shorts: Minecraft things, Kinect hacks, Zelda, other minutiae

All those little pieces of weekend news. OCD sufferers could go spare. We’re here, luckily.

10 years ago

Necrovision headlines

  • NecroVisioN gets classification in Australia after some changes

    NecroVisioN has passed classification in Australia, and can now be sold in the country.Farm 51 and 1C’s army/demon shooter had to undergo some changes to receive the MA15+ rating, like changing blood spray to gray dust, but those looking forward to the FPS can now at least purchase it.Whether it will be as gory as […]

    12 years ago
  • Necrovision refused Australian classification

    The Australian authorities have refused to grant Farm 51 FPS Necrovision a release thanks to excessive violence, Gamespot reports.The title is the latest in a long string of games to fall foul of the fact Australia doesn’t allow adults to play adult videogames. The country has no 18 rating for games.Full thing through there.

    12 years ago