Necessary Force

New Necessary Force concept art released

Midway Newcastle’s put up a ton of concept art for promising action title Necessary Force, as you can see here.Chances of the studio surviving long enough for this to ever be a reality? Remote. Still, we can but dream.Take a look. Thanks, Joystiq.

12 years ago

Necessary Force headlines

  • Necessary Force - first trailer

    Midway Newcastle’s Necessary Force has a trailer. And here it is.The game was revealed last night, as was the fact that the studio is facing a very uncertain future.Which is a shame. Because this looks pretty good. Hit it and see.

    12 years ago
  • Midway Newcastle's open-world game is Necessary Force

    Midway Newcastle may be on the verge of closing it’s doors, but that has not stopped the team from working on its open-world detective drama, Necessary Force.Studio head Craig Duncan had a chat with Develop regarding the title, which after three months of work is playable, and says the team is not giving up just yet.“The idea […]

    12 years ago