NCsoft UK dev positions moved to North America

NCsoft says that dev positions in the UK are to be moved to North America, according to, following the axing of 55 employees from the firm’s Brighton office.The publisher’s confirmed that remaining team members will concentrate on European sales and marketing.“The European office is transitioning to have a stronger focus in marketing and sales, […]

12 years ago

Ncwest headlines

  • Tabula Rasa gets mech suits just in time for last hurrah

    NCsoft’s Tabula Rasa team has finally added the long-awaited mech suits to its flailing MMO, just in time for the game to shut down.The time-limited mechs go live when the patch downloads. They come in five models, which are built around various character classes.Tabula Rasa’s servers will be shut down in two weeks, but it […]

    12 years ago