NBA Ballers: Chosen One

Midway Las Vegas Gamer’s Day round-up

Midway’s Las Vegas Gamer’s Day’s now been and gone and there are lots of words on the internet about it. Looks as though nothing terribly dramatic got announced, the most interesting thing in the publisher’s line-up being Epic’s Unreal Tournament III for 360 – albeit without user-generated levels – for release this summer. Here’s what […]

13 years ago

NBA Ballers: Chosen One headlines

  • Dave Chapelle, not Chuck D, was first choice for NBA Ballers: Chosen One

    A summary of this: Midway tried to gate comedian Dave Chapelle to VO NBA Ballers: Chosen One, couldn’t because he’d gone bonkers, tried to get Chuck D, Chuck wanted to do it. Some other stuff about producers, all from one of the developers. Read it if you love Chuck D, Midway basketball games, or both. […]

    13 years ago
  • Chuck D lends voice to EA game

    Public Enemy frontman Chuck D is to add VO to Midway’s basketball game, NBA Ballers: Chosen One.“The talents of Chuck D and Just Blaze will greatly enhance the NBA Ballers: Chosen One experience, as players live the fantasy lifestyle of an NBA Superstar,” said George Gomez executive producer, Midway Amusement Games. “Chuck D is one […]

    13 years ago