Nasa Mmo

Longevity of MMOs is key attraction for NASA game

Speaking to Gamespot, NASA Learning Technologies project manager Dr Daniel Laughlin has revealed that the Agency is developing an MMO partly because of the problems of limited shelf life and sequelitis associated with more traditional games.“Even a really good title in a couple of months is going to be stale, and you’re going to find […]

13 years ago

Nasa Mmo headlines

  • Internet ding-dong emerges over NASA MMO details

    According to this Massively story, MMO journos appear to be getting their knickers in a twist over specifics on the development of the NASA MMO announced in January.After a meeting with NASA last week, at which the agency wanted to meet prospective developers for the project, several sites – including Slashdot and Massively – reported […]

    13 years ago