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Secret PS3 game “might” get E3 reveal, says BBC

BBC’s Darren Waters said today that the mystery PlayStation 3 title he was shown behind closed doors last year “might” be shown during Sony’s E3 conference tomorrow.“I’m also led to believe that a game I was shown more than a year ago now, and got me quite excited, might, just might, be unveiled at this […]

11 years ago

Mystery Game headlines

  • Capcom: Mystery E3 game is "NOT" Devil May Cry 5

    The Capcom Unity twitter page, @Capcom_Unity, has said that the second of it’s mystery E3 reveals will not be Devil May Cry 5.“Hot rumor bust of the day: Capcom E3 Mystery Title #2 is not — repeat, NOT — Devil May Cry 5. Now, what do you think it is?” said the tweet.Cubed3 has listed […]

    11 years ago