My Xbox Live

My Xbox Live app update allows 360 control via iPad

Microsoft’s updated its My Xbox Live app for iOS, now allowing you to access Live and actually control your 360 with your iPad. The app already worked with iPhone. Watch the video below. Thanks, EG.

8 years ago

My Xbox Live headlines

  • My Xbox Live app updated, hits Android today

    Microsoft has pushed out new versions of the My Xbox Live app for iPhone and iPad as well as a debut release for Android. All versions of the app are free and offer a variety of features like the ability to manage content on your Xbox 360, browse the Arcade, play dress ups with your […]

    8 years ago
  • Microsoft launches Xbox Live iOS app

    Major’s announced this evening the surprise release of an iOS app for Xbox Live. My Xbox Live will allow to read and send messages, add and manage your friends list, view and compare your achievements and more. You can get it from iTunes here for free for all iOS devices. A companion app for Windows […]

    8 years ago