UK paper looks for “games turned me to crime” stories

This is fantastic. As you can see here, an unnamed British newspaper is offering “hundreds of pounds” to people who can provide them with a good enough story of how gaming turned them into criminals.“Did computer games make you turn to a life of crime?” asked the paper. Well, did they? Did your prostitute-murdering career […]

12 years ago

Murder headlines

  • "Xbox dad" gets at least 22 years for murder

    Tyrone Spellman, 27, of Philadelphia, has been sentenced to between 22 and 45 years in prison for killing his daughter after she pulled over his Xbox 360.“I’ve been doing this 13 years, and this is one of the few cases that’s ever left me at a loss for words,” Assistant District Attorney James Berardinelli said. […]

    12 years ago
  • Murderer acted out killing as if in videogame, says defence

    A laywer, here, is trying to get a murderer off the hook by telling the jury he lives in “a different world than you and I,” the other place being that of videogames.Andrew Reid Lackey admits to shooting, stabbing (over 70 times) and gouging out an eye from his 80-year-old victim.The murder appears to have […]

    12 years ago
  • Games "nomalize" (sic) killing, says report

    According to this, a recent study at the Indiana School of Medicine has shown that, “Exposure to violent video games, even E [Everyone – Ed] rated video games, increases aggressive thoughts, increases pro-social behavior and increases general arousal,” said Dr Greg Snyder, a psychologist at Omaha’s Children’s Hospital.The study compared brain scan of a teenager […]

    12 years ago