Moving Pictures

Rock Band Wii gets Moving Pictures tracks

Harmonix announced today that seven new tracks from Rush will be made available from the Rock Band Music Store for Wii. Master recordings from the band’s 1981 Moving Pictures album include: Limelight, Red Barchetta, The Camera Eye, Tom Sawyer, YYZ, Witch Hunt and Vital Signs. They’ll arrive February 10 and run you $2.00 (200 Will Points) […]

11 years ago

Moving Pictures headlines

  • Rock Band Rush DLC delayed, expect exciting news as consolation

    This week’s Rock Band DLC will be a far cry from the Rush album we thought we were getting. Harmonix has apparently encountered some “technical difficulties,” sending “Moving Pictures’” videogame debut a few weeks into the future. “Unfortunately, due to unforeseen technical difficulties, we won’t be able to release Rush’s “Moving Pictures” this week,” read […]

    11 years ago