Move Steering Wheel Peripheral

Sony files patent for Move steering wheel peripheral

Last year, Sony patented a steering wheel peripheral for Move which was published on April 3. It’s rather odd looking, and has a built-in thumbstick and face buttons. PlaystationLifestyle notes that the handlebar design depicted in the schematics looks similar to theĀ Forza controller. You can look over the drawings through the link. Thanks, FahedJ.

8 years ago

Move Steering Wheel Peripheral headlines

  • Report: LittleBigPlanet Cart Racing and Move steering wheel peripheral announced

    US retailer Future Shop has tweeted that Sony announced “LittleBigPlanet Cart Racing” during a Destination PlayStation event today, as well as a new Move steering wheel peripheral. The game also supports 3D, and we’re going to assume for the moment the game contains kart racing of some sort. That’s all that’s known at the moment, […]

    8 years ago