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PS Plus November: Europe gets free Metal Gear Rising, Remember Me and more

PlayStation Plus members have free downloads of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Remember Me and more to look forward to in November. Sony has just published its full list of freebies.

MotorStorm RC headlines

  • Motorstorm RC sees 19 copies bought every two minutes

    Every two minutes, 19 copies of Motorstorm RC are bought and downloaded, according to statistics from Sony. Added stats include an event being created every second somewhere in the world, as well as two PSN friendships formed, two sent in-game challenges and eight trophies earned every minute. Motorstorm RC is out now for PS3 and […]

  • MotorStorm RC Pro-Am DLC releases tomorrow

    Evolution Studios has announced the Pro-Am Festival expansion to MotorStorm RC will be available for PS3 and Vita tomorrow for £2.49/€2.99.

  • Motorstorm RC free to US Vita owners

    The Vita version of Motorstorm RC will be free from the US PlayStation Store for a limited time.

  • Sky high? How PS Vita performs on long haul

    Patrick Garratt’s suffering is just an opportunity to us. We had the boss put the Vita through its portable paces on a torturous flight to the US.

  • Vita trailers: Escape Plan, Motorstorm, Shinobido, Katamari

    Already finished all your Vita games? Launch trailers for Escape Plan, Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen, Touch My Katamari and the ridiculously cheap Motorstorm RC should help you find more.

  • Motorstorm RC launching in US on March 6

    Evolution’s announced on the US PS Blog that Motorstorm RC will launch in America on March 6. As previously announced, if you buy the game on Vita, you’ll get the PS3 version for free. RC’s available now in Europe as a launch title for PlayStation Vita’s launch today. Read our interview with Evolution’s Paul Rustchynsky […]

  • Motorstorm RC DLC spotted in trophy list

    If £4.79 strikes you as too little to pay for two copies of an Evolution racer, you could always hand over a little more in return for extra content.

  • Gale force: Evolution's Rustchynsky on Motorstorm RC

    Motorstorm’s downsizing big time with its first Vita game. Will we see a return to the big action for which the series is known? Johnny Cullen talks to Evolution game director Paul Rustchynsky.

  • PS3 has "a lot of legs left" and it shouldn't be "dismissed", says Evolution

    Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky, game director for MotorStorm RC, believes PS3 has “a lot of legs left in it” and doesn’t feel people should “dismiss it right now” even with all rumors of next-gen floating around the Internet.

  • Multiple Vita PSN purchases shareable with PS3

    Shack reports the Vita versions of Hustle Kings, Motorstorm RC, WipeOut 2048 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will all support cross-platform purchases. Buying either Hustle Kings or Motorstorm RC on the PlayStation Network will grant you access to both the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions, while DLC can be shared across between Wipeout 2048 […]

  • Motorstorm RC video shows off competitive online play

    Sony’s released a brand new video of Motorstorm RC, detailing the mini-racer’s online capabilities. Game director Paul Rustchynsky shows off how players can set fastest times around certain race types such as Hot Lap, while their friends try and outdo their previous attempts. Get the video below the break. Motorstorm RC will launch as part […]

  • Sony UK's swish Vita promos excite for launch

    Sony invites you to a convivial evening of DJ-mixed tunes and face time with rows of demo units: the Vita Room. We sent Colin Gallacher to the swankiest console promotion in the UK.

  • Sony details PlayStation Vita Room event in Manchester

    Sony is kicking off its PlayStation Vita Rooms tour in Manchester on January 13 which are “open to absolutely everyone” without the need to register.

  • Evolution boss feared MotorStorm Apocalypse troubles spelled "the end" of the studio

    Evolution Studios’ Matt Southern has said he was concerned at one point that the studio might close after MotorStorm Apocalypse’s troubled release.

  • Vita in 200-screen avalanche: Uncharted, LBP, WipEout

    A gazillion screenshots for PS Vita games have been released – well, maybe not a gazillion, but 200 at least. Shots include art and in-game screens from: Everybody’s Golf, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048, Resistance: Burning Skies, Sound Shapes, Super StarDust Delta, Top Darts, MotorStorm RC, Lumines, Gravity Rush, Michael Jackson The Experience, Reality Fighters, […]

  • Vita gets EU launch line-up, Motorstorm RC and Unit 13

    Sony’s announced its first-party EU launch line-up for Vita, as well as confirming Evolution’s MotorStorm RC and Zipper Interactive’s Unit 13.