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  • New Motorstorm 2 screens and artwork

    Over at Shacknews. Loads of motion blur and dirt flying up from the track. Looking like a newer version of Motorstorm, really. Which it is, so that’s fine. Have look-see. By Mike Bowden

  • NPD to date for 2008: Wii whitewashes while 360 and PS3 thrash it out

    In the wake of July’s NPD figures, we thought we’d look at just how well the ‘big three’ have fared over the last seven months by tallying all hardware data for 2008. We all know Nintendo is having a fantastic year, but just how well is Wii doing? Microsoft and Sony are fighting their own […]

  • Loads of new Motorstorm 2 screens released

    On Watch Impress. Looking good from where we’re standing. Pretty, even. Go see. Game’s out at the end of the year.

  • Eurogamer gets Motorstorm 2 studio visit exclusive

    Eurogamer TV’s posted up an exclusive visit to Motorstorm 2 developer Evolution Studios, complete with loads of interviews and in-game footage. Take a look.

  • New Motorstorm: Pacific Rift trailer and screenshots

    See them over at Shacknews. It’s looking very fast, and very furious. Too fast and too furious, perhaps? Check them out. By Mike Bowden

  • Eurogamer goes hands-on with MotorStorm Pacific Rift

    What’s Motorstorm 2 like to play? We don’t know. Eurogamer does, though, as you can see from this hands-on. Snip: The placement of water in Cascade Falls and Kanaloa Bay is extremely well thought-out, an object lesson in track design. MotorStorm’s remit – wide-open, branching tracks, with multiple racing lines and balanced for multiple vehicle […]

  • New Motorstorm 2 videos posted

    Jeux-Video’s posted up two new movies of Motorstorm Pacific Rift. They’re filmed off a screen, but they’re a good length and show plenty. Looks great, in our bleedy-eyed opinion. Worth watching to hear a French chap say, “Le boost”.

  • SCEE PlayStation Day: Last sets of screens from the asset disc

    Just to add to this lot of screens and movies, here are the last shots we missed from the asset disc handed out at the SCEE PlayStation Day yesterday. MotorStorm Pacific Rift shots Siren: Blood Curse shots SingStar Vol. 2 shots SingStar PS3 shots PlayTV shots Elefunk shots PixelJunk Eden shots

  • New Motorstorm 2 screens and confirmation of Home presence

    D-Pad‘s got some new shots of Motorstorm 2 in its latest issue, as well as an interview with game director Nigel Kershaw. Kershaw confirms there’ll be Home integration in the game, which is down for an end-of-year release. “Home is a really exciting area for all PlayStation 3 developers; it’s going to have a huge […]

  • Motorstorm 2 titled Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

    According to this PS3F story, the official name for Motorstorm 2 will be Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. The game was previously thought to be called Motorstorm: Pacifica. Is this better or worse? We’re ambivalent. Either that or we don’t actually care.

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