Motorstorm 2

First large Motorstorm 2 patch imminent

The PSBlog’s confirmed that Motorstorm: Pacific Rift’s about to get its first major patch. It looks as though there’s a good amount of stuff tweaked and fixed in there, including the following: Restrictions to the copying of Saved Data have been removed. This will make it possible for Saved Data to be backed up and […]

Motorstorm 2 headlines

  • MotorStorm 2 does 1 million sales

    Motorstorm: Pacific Rift has passed 1 million sales, Sony Europe studios boss Michael Denny’s told GI. “We’re pleased with the high Metacritic rating of 82 per cent and it’s sold over a million units worldwide,” he said. The games was released at the beginning of November, entering the charts at number 29 in the UK […]

  • New Motorstorm ad shows people driving out of an aeroplane

    After break. See oily men fling themselves and their butch motor vehicles out of an aeroplane and then skydive still holding on to the handle bars in this new Motorstorm: Pacific Rift ad from Sony. The off-road racer has had some middling reviews but there’s a demo on PSN if you want to make your […]

  • Eurogamer gives Motorstorm: Pacific Rift 7/10

    Head over to Eurogamer to find out why. If you can’t handle all those words though, he’s an apt summation: …too much of your time is spent grinding second-choice metal in search of elusive pace, or cursing imperious AI and unpredictable catastrophe, and in the battle between the game’s infrequent but electrifying highs and its […]

  • Motorstorm 2: 93 half-empty screens

    It’s Friday night! You could be getting drunk, or taking drugs, or whatever, but instead you’re going to hit this link and look at 93 screenshots of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. Better, there aren’t even that many vehicles in them, as they’re mainly environment shots. Crack won’t take you higher. CVG could be bothered to upload […]

  • Motorstorm 2 demo detailed

    Sony’s confirmed details of this week’s MotorStorm: Pacific Rift demo, according to Eurogamer, and the track the lucky few are going to get to play is “Rain God Spires – an Air Zone track that takes you along a bumpy coastal mountain circuit with plenty of ups and downs to highlight the game’s massive draw […]

  • Random PS3 owners to get Motorstorm 2 demo invite

    Randomly selected European PlayStation 3 owners will be able to get their hands on an upcoming demo of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift previously thought to be exclusive to US gamers who bought an episode of PSN show Qore. There’s more info on Eurogamer and ThreeSpeech. Basically, random PS3 owners in Europe are to be emailed a […]

  • New Motorstorm 2 screens and artwork

    Over at Shacknews. Loads of motion blur and dirt flying up from the track. Looking like a newer version of Motorstorm, really. Which it is, so that’s fine. Have look-see. By Mike Bowden

  • Eurogamer goes hands-on with MotorStorm Pacific Rift

    What’s Motorstorm 2 like to play? We don’t know. Eurogamer does, though, as you can see from this hands-on. Snip: The placement of water in Cascade Falls and Kanaloa Bay is extremely well thought-out, an object lesson in track design. MotorStorm’s remit – wide-open, branching tracks, with multiple racing lines and balanced for multiple vehicle […]

  • New Motorstorm 2 videos posted

    Jeux-Video’s posted up two new movies of Motorstorm Pacific Rift. They’re filmed off a screen, but they’re a good length and show plenty. Looks great, in our bleedy-eyed opinion. Worth watching to hear a French chap say, “Le boost”.

  • New Motorstorm 2 screens and confirmation of Home presence

    D-Pad‘s got some new shots of Motorstorm 2 in its latest issue, as well as an interview with game director Nigel Kershaw. Kershaw confirms there’ll be Home integration in the game, which is down for an end-of-year release. “Home is a really exciting area for all PlayStation 3 developers; it’s going to have a huge […]

  • New Motorstorm 2 scans

    PSU’s posted some new scans of Motorstorm 2 from a Polish mag called NEO+. Cars. On and island. Apparently you’ll be able to put together custom soundtracks as well, which means Sony’s in for the legal fight of its life. Take a look.

  • Motorstorm 2 name rumoured

    Apparently Motorstorm 2 is called MotorStorm: Pacifica. The game’s set on an island this time, as opposed to the desert location of the first game. SCEE’s on holiday today so there’s no way of checking this, but we’ll give them a nudge about it this week.

  • Motorstorm 2 trailer and details released

    You can see the trailer below. SCEE put over a press release earlier that says the game has 16-player online racing, and confirmed that four-way split-screen will be included. Vehicles for the sequel include the ATVs, rally cars, buggies, motorbikes, race trucks, mudpluggers and Big Rigs from the original, as well as the newly arrived […]

  • Motorstorm 2 trailer at 6pm GMT today

    IGN’s going to post the first trailer of Motorstorm 2 at 6pm GMT today, according to this. There are no new details given on the game at all in that piece, but as reported earlier this week, it’s now known that the game will feature an island location and monster trucks. plus ça change. See […]

  • Motorstorm 2 scans beat SCEE's announcement

    Not sure when publishers are going to understand that “giving it to a magazine” means it’ll “be on the internet”, but there we are. There are some scans here of Motorstorm 2 from OPS3. There’s not much to go on apart from a picture of a car on a beach and a promise of monster […]

  • JeuxVideo in Motorstorm 2 non-reveal explanation didn’t reveal Motorstorm 2 last night as it said it would, as apparently Sony decided to delay the launch of the first trailer and info by another week. Apparently none of it was going to be exclusive either, with a number French sites having the assets, but JeuxVideo was the only site to get […]

  • Motorstorm 2 details today

    JeuxVideo‘s going to be releasing a first movie and a load of details of Motorstorm 2 today, apparently. It was supposed to be yesterday, but something must have got lost in translation. As you’ll recall, the game has four-way splitscreen and is set on an island instead of a desert.

  • Motorstorm 2 details to be released next week

    Says so here. Apparently JeuxVideo’s got an exclusive for next Wednesday, including details on the game’s courses and the final name. Racey. Very first details of Motorstorm 2 emerged this week, telling us that an island setting will grace the sequel, which will feature four-way split-screen racing.

  • Motorstorm 2 goes from desert to "lush island", has four-way split-screen

    The BBC’s Darren Waters, him what filmed the red ring of death on Microsoft’s stand at GDC, has been given a sneak peak at Motorstorm 2, which is apparently out at the end of this year. “Motorstorm 2 is due out in time for Christmas,” it says here, “and moves the action away from the […]