Motion-sensing Controller

Iwata: Nintendo tried camera-based controllers, went different direction

Satoru Iwata has told the Financial Times that Nintendo previously fiddled around with camera-based motion controls and decided to pass on ’em. The firm eventually decided that “accelerometer-based technology”, like what’s in the WiiMote, worked better. Iwata admitted, however, that the company will wait and see what Microsoft and Sony do before regretting the decision. […]

10 years ago

Motion-sensing Controller headlines

  • Variety: PS3 motion controller for E3

    Variety sources are claiming PS3’s much-rumoured motion controller is to be revealed at E3 in June. As per a patent filed in 2007, the device is thought to be tracked by a small webcam and can read different coloured lights, as well as the shape and angle of each light, making it far more sensitive […]

    11 years ago
  • Motion-sensing 360 controller is codenamed "Newton"

    According to 8bitjoystick, the motion-sensing 360 controller MTV reported on a few days ago is currently called Newton. It will, obviously, have a different name when it finally hits retail, supposedly this Christmas. “The hardware is still being worked on and it might be a couple months before we see leaked shots of prototypes when […]

    12 years ago