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Moonshot cancels Fallen Frontier, to focus on mobile

Here’s a story that went under our radar in January: Moonshot has cancelled Fallen Frontier and is instead working on a top-down stealth game for iPad called Third Eye Crime. The news is worth dusting off even this late because Moonshot is staffed by a number of former Bungie employees, and if they can’t sell […]

7 years ago

Moonshot Studios headlines

  • Fallen Frontier trailer gives off little Halo vibe

    Ex-Bungie team Moonshot has released a trailer for its first project, upcoming sci-fi side-scroller Fallen Frontier. It contains space, but no Master Chief, which will please you or not.

    9 years ago
  • Former Bungie staff announce Moonshot Studios

    Three former Bungie members announced today the formation of Moonshot Games development studio. Based in Boston and Seattle, it was formed by Michel Bastien, production lead for Halo 2 and Halo 3, Dami├ín Isla, and creative director Rob Stokes, mission designer on the Halo series. The official announcement from the company website is past the […]

    10 years ago