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Jaunty launch trailer celebrates the arrival of Cities XXL

Cities XXL looks like a remarkably cheerful little upgrade to the established simulation.

6 years ago

Monte Cristo headlines

  • Cities XL Platinum expansion out now on Steam

    A new content pack has released for city-building sim Cities XL. Platinum adds over 1,000 new buildings to the game, including 50 entirely new ones, and more than 60 “gigantic” new maps. The $30 expansion is available now on Steam, and also fixes a number of bugs found in the 2012 version of the game.

    8 years ago
  • Cities XL MMO shut down, Cities XL 2011 announced

    Monte Cristo has announced that it’s suspending its MMO feature for Cities XL due to lack of interest; however, it has announced Cities XL 2011.

    11 years ago
  • Immerse yourself in Shakespeare's world with free Cities XL pack

    Cities XL’s “The Old England Pack” was made available this week from Monty Cristo.The free pack includes buildings, maps, and megastructures full of medieval buildings inspired by Shakespearian England.There’s a paved road, and a medieval plaza to create historic town centers along with “limitless” types of architecture.This game is sounding better and better all the […]

    11 years ago
  • Limited Edition Cities XL now up for preorder on Steam

    Monte Cristo games has announced that the Limited Edition version of Cities XL is now available for preorder up on Steam.This edition includes downloadable bonuses and content, priced at $39.99, and offers players the entire game, along with five additional maps, five exclusive landmarks, two permanent blueprints, a unique city hall, an in-game t-shirt for […]

    11 years ago
  • Monte Cristo releases Cities XL demo for US

    Monte Cristo has released a demo for its building and management Sim/MMO Cities XL which was previously only available in Europe.The demo expires on October 7 and contains three areas of the subscription-based Planet mode, which is for online.You can get it from the following outlets: AtomicGamers, BigDownload, FileFront, FileShack, GamesHell, and others we’re sure.Game […]

    11 years ago
  • Weekly MMO news round-up, August 29: Turbine suing Atari, The Green Lantern, LEGO subscription model

    Loads of stuff happened this week in MMO land, and some of it is posted for you after the break.Should you choose to click on through, you will find why Turine is suing Atari, get caught up on The Green Lantern and DC Universe’s Beta status, hear about new goodies coming to EQII, lament the […]

    11 years ago
  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Rise of the Tomb Kings live, WoW on Flying Mounts, Aion pre-order bonus

    This week there is a bit more going on in MMOs than last week.Seems quite a few got game updates, WoW’s Midsummer Fire Festival is in full swing, and City of Heroes is getting power customization.Loads of stuff really. Read on past the break for the lot of it.

    11 years ago